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  1. Being an old-school mediocre tournament player from back in the golden years(a little later than when Moneymaker entered ->) this is a very interesting heads-up. I listened with interest what Daniel said upfront regarding this duel on some podcast somewhere else in here. He found no reason to fear Phil at all- on the contrary he was convinced he had an edge. One important factor Daniel emphasized was his willingness to always learn, always stay on top of his game- noticing what the new young grinders focused on etc, while Phil always somewhat bluntly states his 'self-made' game will always stay on top of everybody. Now, Phil is no pushover and certainly no fool, so personally I look upon such statements as part of his brat image. Phil is one of very few tourny specialists out there that has kept his head over water from before the golden age to this day. He is a dinosaur, albeit a successful one. Personally I have always been a big fan of his tournament game, being the first to admit he can be a big p..k up the ass at the table sometimes- extremely annoying, unpolite, etc etc Phil may have peaked, but his astute,uncanny ability to scalp on weaker players during all phases of tournaments I have always admired. CG is another matter. There are quite a few highrollers out there that are better than him in that departement. He will never admit it of course, but he was always in trouble against guys like Chip Reese, Ted Forest, Todd Brunson, Daniel, Antonio, Patrick etc etc All the best with these HU-games Daniel, us old rink-rats love'em ProxyC
  2. Horrible elbow from McDavid on Kotkaniemi- that was ez more than a +2 minor. Matt Cooke-style that one. Oilers got a lot of frustration slack there
  3. Somewhat lucky outcome last night. Great pressure from Dallas especially in the 1.p Only Saro's magic held us in the game a couple of times. But the Preds are on a roll and they profit greatly from having 4 pretty decent lines, albeit I will be the first to admit we dont exactly look like the Avs. I got no problems with that, we are starting to be one of the legit 'academies' for developing good D-men and our game revolves around that, in addition to goaltending. Speaking of D-men, we just took up another one on an entry-level contract couple of days ago- David Farrance. Exciting dude, Boston college guy for around 4 years, not the worst place to be to learn the trade. Pretty sure he will get his chances fast with this grueling scedule
  4. 29.03.2021: 18-17-1 0.514 Nr 4 spot in Central Division For the first time this season Preds are over the .5 mark. Not only that- the last 2 games we played 2x huge 4p games against the Blackhawks for the nr 4. spot and beat them- fully deserved I'd claim. I cant believe Poile will start to sell off assets now. Sure, Dallas still has 4 games in hand but they also struggle a lot with injured bluechips and are having a lot of problems getting it in the net. Kudos to Chicago and especially the Suter-line for taking us on with determination and fierce speed. DeBrincat is a fantastic skater. We all know about Kane. That guy is unbelievable and arguably the main reason the Hawks still have a chance pulling this off. Never write off that old war-horse. Jackets look abysmal atm so I think Preds, Hawks and Dallas will fight it out for the last play-off spot.
  5. Uhuh, ok. Well, coming from Scandinavia, I obviously cheer for Freddie a bit. Tbh, he hasnt looked like himself for the better part of at least 2 seasons, and I have a strong suspicion it has to do with injuries. He was run into the ground when the franchise still was in rebuild mode. Not only did he play a lot of games but we are talking evenings that involved 40+ shots on a regular basis. Modern goaltending on NHL level is brutal on knees, ligaments etc. Dubas has spent too much on your top 4 guys and it shows particularly well regarding the goaltending stuff. But ok, this is Campbell's chance. If he is involved in taking the Leafs past round 1 he will allready be a legend in Leaf Nation.
  6. @Bob, that's true. Its only because the trade deadline is out of sync it has become a theme me think. Bluechip trades normally take place in between seasons. For the Preds, any trade involving Ekholm essentially says we are in rebuild mode. Cant see that happen atm
  7. I gotta bump this thread. Where are all you Leaf Nation guys? Greater Toronto area gotta be boiling atm, its gotta be fun. Norway is not the right place to be All the best during the final games ending the season, lets hope Freddie gets well so that he can carry you guys past round 1 this time
  8. Hockey forum completely dead atm? Havent been in here for a couple of years myself... The answer to my Q is that the team has put Poile into a difficult spot as of this date, 28.03. It starts with Saros/Rinne. Last 5 games Saros has a save % of 0.9748 with 34.2 shots against on average. That is nothing short of insane and ofc it will not stay like that. But every winning team needs goaltending of .915/.920 seasonwise to be able to compete for play-off. Saros is the real deal now, he has matured. Poile gotta be impressed, and suddenly Preds are within 2 points of Chicago for the nr 4.spot in Central. The scedule up next is massive and the next 4 games that all are essentially 4p games for the nr 4 spot can actually force Poile into the buying position just before deadline. Chicago tonight, Dallas 30.03, Dallas 01.04, and Chicago 03.04 will be decisive. After that comes 2 games against Detroit which the Preds have handled pretty well so far. I think at 04.04 Poile will know what to do, but then it is only 6 days to deadline. With such a limited timespan, and with the franchise looking that competitive atm, I cannot see that a massive bluechip deal involving Ekholm can materialize. Poile is up against the wall. Roster is stacked, both regarding cap space and bluechip players. This roster should have enough quality to go for another run, even if that implies facing Tampa in round 1. My guess is that Ekholm stays, and that Poile actually can make a pretty aggressive move close to deadline in a buyer's role.
  9. I just dont get this media buzz around Ekholm. Why are everybody so sure Ekholm is going to be traded? And traded in this window? As of today(22.03.2021) Nash is 14-17-1, 4p out of nr 4 spot and play-off. They went on the franchise's longest roadtrip ever(8) facing some of the toughest opponents in the league(Canes, Tampa, Florida), some of them twice, and went 4-3-1. Very few teams have dealt with more serious injuries. Ekholm has been the only D-man healthy of the top 4 for a very long stretch now.He has been the glue. Forthcoming scedule: Detroit(H) 23.03, Detroit(H)25.03, Chicago(A)27.03, Chicago(A)28.03, Dallas(H)30.03. Timeline brutal but so it is for everyone else. Rest of March will decide a lot, I suppose during this session Nash need smth like 0.750 for realistic chances and so forth. Point is, Nash is by far out of the discussion yet. So where is the incitament for Poile to sell his only movable bluechip with a reasonable pricetag right now? Trade Ekholm and the D-core is screwed, franchise in blow-up mode. I just dont get the logic in that. Ppl are starting to get back from injuries(Duchene, Josi). Kids are doin fine. Tolvanen ranked as nr 3. rookie right now. Sure, there comes a point where Poile might blow the franchise up but cant see this deadline can be the right time. Everything out of sync with covid and all. Why am I wrong?
  10. Maybe, hard to tell. By the way, your organisation has some work to do as well If I remember correctly your last 8 games was somewhat of a record in your sweet city.. Atlanta Thrashers- thats the name of the team, yes?
  11. http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=720223 P: Linden GM: Benning Now wot?
  12. Interesting article regarding future coaches of the Canucks http://sportsfansnews.com/nhl/5-canucks-coaching-candidates-not-being-mentioned/
  13. Fenxis, I am just another guy on other side of the atlantic and got no clue, but instinctively this appear as a brainfart sign to me. Coach V was needed as a scapegoat, now this? What kind of whiskey does this Gillis dude drink, for sure it cant be Bushmill's..
  14. Very good point He actually won the bucket with a truly underdog team. Hard guy to figure out
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