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  1. "F.ck you MotherF.cker, Your momma's got a wooden leg with a kickstand."Yeah its a state, also has a university WVU...going to be the next florida. National Champs in both sports. Bobby Huggins and Rich Rod...damn those are some good coaches
  2. Any WV FCP members out there? Has anyone heard if they passed today? Voted in Ohio and Jefferson counties i believe. Kanawha votes August 11, full blown casino 10 minutes away...could be good...could be bad, but definitely will be interesting
  3. Thanks for the input, i appreciate it. Do the blinds in the Wynn daily, double every round or do they go from 50-100 to 75-150 and so on? Anyone know when the pot limit omaha tournament @ Paris starts?
  4. Looking for a few things:1. NL Tournament with $500 or less buy in, with a good structure, not one of those that double the blinds every level and make you play all-in preflop poker?2. Any places have PL Omaha tournaments? 3. Best PL Omaha games? 1-2 or 2-5 something in that range?4. Best Steakhouse? Surf and Turf? Best Italian place?Thanks
  5. Alright d.ckhead, would you like to make a gentlemen's wager that you are still wrong? If so then i will point out how you are wrong. Its funny that you are calling me a retard when you are the one that is wrong. :rolleyes:PUT YOUR $$$ WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS
  6. Why would you chop with a player like that? Have you ever won a MTT outright?
  7. the 1,300 includes the bet...once again, 1k to win $300...guess we will find out soon enough
  8. Confusion is the website adds your bet into the payout and odds...really 1-1.6
  9. If you want to reply to posts, you should probably learn how to read...newb.i said i didn't want to bet one of them, but both...this would make me wagering 1000 and getting back 1300. Correct?
  10. Alright, i know with sports betting nothing is ever a "lock". Anyways, on sportsinteraction.com with their prop bets you can get 2.6-1 on the NBA Finals going 6 games and 2.6-1 it goes 7 games. So if you would bet either on of these @ $500, total payout would be $1,300...well i don't really feel confindent that i could say. It could easily go in 6 or easily go to 7. But i definitely don't think it will be over in 5, as well as both teams are playing. Sooo if you put $500 on both 6 games and 7 games, u risk $1000 and win $300.What do the rest of you all think, can either of these teams swee
  11. Some guy with the last name Brunson once said, "Show me the luckiest guy in the cardroom, and i will show you the best player." The best definition of "luck" that i have heard is..."Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Don't let something you hear from The Mouth discredit someone who plays in the Big Game as a regular.
  12. Take an enormous rake, that should get them out of there pretty quick...if not, you will make some money in the mean time
  13. Good point. I would like the interest off of 15 mil...
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