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  1. I'm sure every player in this thing spends time thinking about how to play specific players. The man himself, Daniel, studies WSOP footage for tells, and he is probably the best tournament player in the world.Winning a heads up match doesnt really prove much. My 3 year old niece could play phil ivey and if she pushed all in every hand she would be expected to win more than 1 out of 5 matches. When you get to the top skill level heads up NL is very much a game of luck.
  2. imo they were all fake, since they were done in front of a camera. Prob with some fool saying 'ok give me a fake smile. Ok, now you give me a genuine smile'pfft
  3. Thanks Lee. Kinda fun making predictions, too bad we couldnt somehow have a pool. I'd have lost already im sure though, for round 2 I was right about 8 of 16... that's pretty terrible, same as guessing. Course part of that is due to the volatile nature of heads up. I can't believe Danny lost round 2! From the sound of his final hand he didn't stick to his gameplan of making a hand and taking out the magician. Mimi Tran v. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson *Mike Sexton v.Hasan Habib * Lyle Berman v.Carlos Mortensen *Huck Seed * (one of my favourites to win, now that most of my other favourites to win h
  4. I'm going with Danny to win the whole thang. Bring it home Daniel, lots of prestige for this one.
  5. Tough choice for me between Erick and Furguson, Went with Erick
  6. Daniel don't post any of your strats until after the match! Your opponents will prob be checking here. you can do eet Daniel! Make sure he doesn't have anything up his sleeves...
  7. predictions are kind of fun, I was further off than I suspected on round one, see how we do for round 2: Chris Moneymaker Mimi Tran *Chris Ferguson *Gus Hansen Mike Sexton Erick Lindgren * Sammy Farha *Hasan Habib Barry Greenstein *Billy Baxter John Juanda *Amir Vahedi TJ Cloutier *Mike Caro John Hennigan *Henry Orenstein Lyle Berman Jennifer Harman* Evelyn Ng Carlos Mortenson *Greg Raymer Huck Seed *Paul Phillips *(would love to watch this match. If Paul loses he will probably punch himself in the face repeatedly until he loses conciousness)Phil Hellmuth Josh Arieh *Ted Forrest D
  8. Most pros would probably tell you that Ivey is the best player in the world. Sklansky is the epitome of aby the books player, and as such it makes him a little more predictable to the greatest players.That said, Sklansky is a smart guy, I dont think it will be anywhere close to 2:1 for Ivey to win in a heads up match. Sklansky will have prepared for Ivey's style. I expect Ivey to win, but wouldn't be surprised to see Sklansky win. In heads up poker anyone can win. I wouldn't be surprised to see James Woods beat Chan, though he is prob the biggest underdog of the day.
  9. I was kind of surprised Paul Wolfe wasn't on the list.
  10. Guess I'll give my predictions, looks like fun. Given, I understand that my 3 year old niece would have a decent chance of beating anyone on the field simply by pushing on every hand.My four favourites to win:Phil Ivey, Daniel, Prahlad, Howard Eli ElezraChris MoneymakerMy bet is on EliTom McEvoyMimi TranGoing with Mimi hereCindy VioletteChris FergusonChrisGus HansenCurtis BibbsGusYosh NakanoMike SextonNot really familiar with these two's play, but I'll say YoshTodd BrunsonErick LindgrenErickPrahlad FriedmanSammy FarhaPrahlad Barry GreensteinLee SalemGreensteinDoyle BrunsonBilly BaxterThe ma
  11. The Gaming Club is the one you're thinking of I imagine. It has $5k buy in NL as well as 10k and 20k. At the 20K buy-in I saw a guy sitting at the table with 280k couple days ago; that is pretty amazing.
  12. Well, I disagree with this. Most of the time I would call this too, but to go so far as to say you would always call here at any point in a tournament seems silly to me. When he went all in here he had a relatively small amount in the pot. Now if he were second in chips with 20 people left out of 1000 who entered a tournament, and the person who was putting him all in was the only person who had him covered, I think he'd be a fool to call this on a coin flip. In that particular situation you want to look for a better spot to get your money in. Now if it were someone he had easily covered in ch
  13. full tilt is probably the worst bonus out there.Fastest to clear is probably party poker.I recently did freecasinogear.com's offer for a poker chip set if you play 250 raked hands on pacific poker. took me 2-3 hours to clear it, but I havent received my gift yet so I dont know if it is legit. I hear it isn't a scam but I'll let you know for sure whe(if) my poker set arrives. Seemed really really easy to clear 250 raked hands at the low stakes NL game.I'll say this about full tilt though, you get to see a lot of pros play and they even play in some of the low limit games. Got to play some hand
  14. IF i have the guy covered, I call here every time. Even if he has AA you are a slight favourite with 14 outs. If I dont have him covered... dunno, early tourney i'd prob still call, late tourney maybe not.
  15. IF i have the guy covered, I call here every time. Even if he has AA you are a slight favourite with 14 outs. If I dont have him covered... dunno, early tourney i'd prob still call, late tourney maybe not.
  16. Lighten up guys, it is pretty obviously a joke I chuckled.
  17. Heh, I posted this like 5 minutes after I lost the hand. The tourney had been going close to 3 hours. I'm fairly new to poker and I've been doing great in sit n goes with 9 and 18 players so I started trying big tournies lately. My problem, which is what got me here, is after it gets to around 3 hours I start to burn out and lose my discipline. I was very happy with my play up until this hand. I did indeed check the flop, thinking I had the chip leader right where I wanted him. I knew he would bet, and sure enough he bet 3XBB 1800. I reraised to 3600 and expected him to fold. When he reraised
  18. Personally I think it was stupid. It's only money... he basically called an all in, except it was his life he was betting. Raymer is old enough to know he isn't immortal.
  19. When I make a flush on the flop with two people behind me I usually check. I am hoping someone with 1 spade in their hand is going to make a semi-bluff at it and commit themself to the pot. I will then gladly go all in. At that point if he has the nut flush draw he is drawing to 7 outs giving him roughly a 28% chance to hit his flush and beat you. You will lose doing this sometimes, and when you do it sucks, but imo it is an effective move. This works best versus agressive opponents, but I find, at the limits I play (smaller than yours) it is effective.
  20. Thanks WiseOwl, that was really great to read.
  21. Hi all, was hoping to get some feedback on what you would have done in this situation.Some background:It is late tournament, and everyone left has just hit the money. I am second in chips at this table with 22000, the chip leader has 25000 and everyone else has between 2000 and 12000. I am small blind, chip leader is big blind. Everyone folds to me and I limp with Q8o. Against another player in this situation I would probably raise, but I've been playing the chip leader for a while now and we both prefer to see cheap flops, I am confident he won't raise me unless he has a big hand. He checks a
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