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  1. How much actual cash did you lose?Oh yeah...thats right. None.Gee, I feel sorry for you too. :roll:
  2. If you are running XP, make sure to run Windows Update and install SP2I was wayyyy (way) behind in updates and it fixed my connection problem to Poker Mountain (only connection problem I was experiencing).GL
  3. Wish I had thought about this on my wedding day.... :shock:
  4. Some peoples kids...http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...ple_greg_raymer
  5. :roll: When does your appology come?
  6. Which site is "Doyle's Room"?tia
  7. I'm not sure what limit you are playing at, but one interesting phenom. of playing online, especially at low limits, is that most people see a pre-flop raise as an opportunity to make the "big score" and will play just about anything.All you can do is roll with it and make them pay for their draws, or limp and trap.
  8. Hey, who won the tournament last night???? :roll: :shock: :shock: :shock: Oh wait, I remember now.Nice work.
  9. Yeah, Tek hit it right on the head.From what they have shown, it looks pretty bad."The Matador"? Siggggh Let me guess, he takes on all bulls? So original.If anything, the show will encourage people to act like kids and jump over tables after a loss.
  10. Ok...I'll say it...THIS LOOKS LAME.This is the true testiment as to how popular poker has become....lame TV shows are coming....SigggghhhhhhhhhPut a camera on a big money live game, televise it on the "Poker Channel" and be done with it...Instant success.
  11. I have to admit, I have witnessed this same thing from time to time.Aside from the obvious conspiricy theorys :roll: I can say that in the AM (US Time) a majority of the players tend to be Europeans, as it is the PM over there at that time.Then of course, in the PM here, there are many more US players playing.Holdem being more popular in the US and Omaha in Europe, I would wonder if Omaha players experience the opposite.
  12. Cygnus

    The Law???

    Do the cops there go door-to-door looking for illegal poker games?Maybe it's just a 'california thing', but if a cop ever comes to my house with a complaint about something done in the privacy of my own home that does not disturb the peace or neighbors....I'm moving to a less oppresive country....Like Libia or something.Shuffle-up and deal dude, it's still America.
  13. With a record number of participants at the WSOP Main Event this year, the question must be asked...Does this event still determine the "best poker player in the world", or has it simply become the "Poker Open Championship"?With 2600+ entries, basically equal to "Anyone with a desire and 10K" playing, how can this event still be thought to determine the 'best'?In addition, with the value of money today, as compared to say 10-15 years ago, is the 10K buy-in too low and thus contribute to this situation.Back when Doyle won back to back and there where <100 or so entries, I think it was fairly
  14. Don't forget the "run to the rail and give high-fives to the croud" move...No seasoned professional leaves this one at home... :shock:
  15. I didn't vote.Why?Because (tight play) + (aggresive play) = Solid PlayPlay solid and the rest tends to take care of itself.
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