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  1. I tried watching it twice and still could not get passed the 1 minute mark, that kids got ISSUES! Mom should have spent a little time doing soem sort of social interaction because I don't think he has talked to anyone but his mom/dad and the interview person..He freaks me out
  2. I am going to miss seeing quads, ST Flushes, Royal Flushes every 10 hands. Oh wait we are moving to P Stars.... Guess I won't miss that at all
  3. I knew this would happen. I played (laugh at me if you want) exclusivly on FCP. Last 4 days up 200 playing Micro Stakes. I am really going to miss the Super EASY Cash games here it was a good little secret cash cow...
  4. Thanks to all of FCP Support Staff. BOB - Thanks for all the bonus topups and all the help you have provided for all the other players. Please make the move to PS.I am sure going to miss all the personal attention that everyone has provided.A Big THANKS TO ALL!
  5. Sunny, Apparently you do not have the gears to play the end game. The Problem:With everyone makeing an equal share of the prize pool, the bubble would last longer then Zimmers last heads up match. It would take forever to bust the bubble. You would not get that tournement rush for finishing 1st, it would feel like the grind of a cash game witout the payoff.
  6. FCP in the TOP 20!# Of Players Signed Up Per Forum: Rank Forum Name # Of Players 1 HiddenFreeroll 972 Suited Pockets 963 Rec.Gambling.Poker 674 AcesFullKings 655 NeverBeg 616 CardsChat 607 Wass Casino 488 PokerPotsPoker 439 PokerLoyaltyCrew 4210 Womens Poker Club 3411 Pokerzysta 3112 Poker101a 3013 PokerAnalysis 2914 Independent Poker League 2715 SlyDawgPoker 2616 FreerollArmy 2517 FrenchPokerPlayers 2418 WPTFan 2319 TripAces 2220 Full Contact Poker 21
  7. Was this the one with me and U on the first table?
  8. cash is good... too bad the 6-2 donk was the one to wake up with Rockets..
  9. hang in there gfdsa146 you can still get chips
  10. OUCH seen this movie before..
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