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  1. Update:Stacked is Vaporware. Give it up already.
  2. Every other day or so, either Stacked or Negreanu's upcoming book gets delayed again...What a joke.Stacked is vaporware and will never be released.
  3. Hugo Chavez is doing far more to save this world than a bunch of Bible thumpers could ever do. The world ought to be run on a foundation of civil libertarianism, equality of opportunity, representative democracy, sustainable development, and secular government.
  4. I rarely post full tournament histories, but my luck here bordered on ridiculous, so I figured it might be amusing.Notice:1. The number of big hands I got dealt.2. The timing of those big hands.3. The times where I was behind and got a miracle card to bust out shortstacks.Transcript for tournament #15187192 requested by jj_frap (jj_frap@hotmail.com)*********** # 1 **************PokerStars Game #3072915288: Tournament #15187192, Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2005/11/16 - 08:59:30 (ET)Table '15187192 1' Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: flydyed (1500 in chips) Seat 2: jj_frap (1500 in chips) S
  5. The problem with Alabama conservatism is that it is not grounded in logic or in reason (Some rightist ideologies are, but I personally disagree with them either way): It's grounded in the Bible and in the lynchmob.Hell, in the 2004 election, the state's citizens voted against removing language from its c0nstitution calling for segregated schools even though doing so was supported by both the Democrats and the GOP. Interestingly, the ballot measure was opposed by the Christian Coalition and other far-right groups.Similarly, in 2002 the state's citizens rejected a bipartisan-backed ballot measur
  6. Cops are pigs...Most of them believe in cannabis prohibition and that raiding poker rooms is a good thing, so they obviously have below-average intellect.Oh...And if they're actually enforcing Bill "Closet Conservative" Clintwit's Millennium Deutschland Censorship Act (which does for big entertainment what Uncle Adolf did for the German far-right.), they deserve the most miserable working conditions possible.
  7. Sweet home Talibama,where they kill all the Jews.Sweet home Talibama, and they lynch the darkies too.(Note: The preceding was meant to insult the fundie-White supremacist mentality that dominates a state that -- in 2001 -- voted to remove a ban on interracial marriage from its constitution by a margin of only 60-40. They also ban books about homosexuality from school and university libraries...Imagine what they'd do to online poker if given the chance.)
  8. This past week, I pissed away 1/3 of my bank roll I earned playing Omaha by losing to stuff like top two on a ragged board running into top set or top set getting two pot-sized bets called as my donkish opponent hits his 3 out 3rd nut straight on the river...Sickening.
  9. One guy on Flop Turn River flopped the nut K-high club flush with the A on board and lost when his opponent -- who had a Q-high flush -- went runner-runner to hit the A-5 straight flush.
  10. I was playing my first ever 15+1 2-table turbo SNG on PokerStars, and was having a rotten game, having caught virtually no hands and only winning the odd blind so as to hold on to 1400 of my 1500 chips by the time the blinds were at 75/150 and on the verge of increasing to 100/200.From the button my meagre stack and I are dealt KQs, the best I had gotten all tourney...Being in the red zone, I push against the three other limpers, only to be called by the dreaded slow-played bullets...I wish my opponents a good game, and move my curosor towards the window's X button in preparation for the inevi
  11. The only time I could ever give credit for quads at a poker table is when a lot of people are betting aggressively on a tripped board in Omaha...
  12. I disagree entirely...We don't need another useless website getting its ass kicked by PokerStars, Party Poker, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt, and the oodles of casino networks.We do, however, "need" (In the sense that -- given the competition -- there is a market for one right now) a decent poker videogame...Whether or not I buy the game will depend on how good of a PC I have come February...My buddy still hasn't come through on the power supply for my good computer (By which I mean state of the art in January of 2003..lol..My back-up one is an old Celeron2 566 mhz overclocked at 850 mhz, a GeForce2
  13. Definitely make more sense to rush the product to market, even though they are not 100% satisfied with it. What business school did you graduate from?I heard that it had gone gold and was being delayed to coincide with some asinine MTV marketing blitz this February
  14. I heard that it had gone gold and was being delayed to coincide with some asinine MTV marketing blitz this February.Definitely make more sense to rush the product to market, even though they are not 100% satisfied with it. What business school did you graduate from?
  15. You trust Washington, Beijing, Moscow, or any organised religious group that claims to be or is perceived as evangelical or fundamentalist.
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