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  1. I second the congrats. Now I'll add just a little bit more info on the casinos (in my opinion of course). I agree that the Borgata is the nicest. Thats where I like to play the most. Like mentioned before, make sure that you tip the dealer when you win a hand. You dont need to tip much, I usually tip $2 a hand, unless I win a big pot. The wait can be long there at certain times, so I've ventured to the other poker rooms while there. So...if you are looking for some quick money, head over to the Sands poker room. Its on the fourth floor, hidden from everything else. Its not nice at all
  2. That's terrible. I think I might have the same blood problem as you have. It runs on my mothers side of the family, I believe its called "Leiden V Factor" or something like that. Is that what you have? My mom broke her leg and a week later developed a huge blood clot as well. Hopefully everything is better with you now, good luck.
  3. I'm playing in a charity nl tournament this weekend at a high school that one of my co-workers went to. They are hiring dealers and all, fairly big game I hear. I was wondering, how should I handle tipping these dealers? I've only been to casinos , where tiping dealers is self-explanitory. Anyone every played in a charity event that might be able to help me with this? Thanks.
  4. I agree that its an edge. I use odds all the time to make my game better, but I still get beat sometimes by the players who dont know the odds. The question reffered to winning at poker. It didnt ask if it was necessary over the long haul. So, to win, it isnt a necessity. But, to win consistently, yes, it is a necessity. In my opinion of course.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I played again last night again against some "bad" players. I was able to use your advice and it helped out my game against them a lot. It just meant I played less hands haha. Thanks again.
  6. I was a little disappointed in the actors. None of them knew anything about poker before the show. I would at least like to have seen some actors that knew about the game. And yes, there were a lot of poker terms thrown out there right away. I admit though, I'll probably end up watching it.
  7. There are two games that I know of, World Championship Poker and Bicycle Casino. I own both of them, so i'll tell you a little about each. Bicycle casino is a little better in my opinion. It isnt just poker, you can play most games found in a regular casino. Regarding just poker, I like Bicycle Casino a little better. Now for World Championship Poker, the graphics are terrible. The good thing is that you can play in multiple different tournaments. This game only has poker, not the rest of the casino games that Bicycle has. I'm still waiting for better games, I was expecting a bit more
  8. I played a bunch of home games over the break, against a bunch of different people. I played against my normal group of players (along with some other new ones) and took home the pot both times. My problem happened when I played with some of my brothers friends. 2 of them were new to the game and the others had only been playing for about a year. As we all know, these players are usually calling stations, and I expected this going into the game. Although I knew it would be different from playing against seasoned players, I still wanted to win. I ended up in second and won some money, but
  9. Maybe its not about trying to figure out the other players. I think you should look at yourself. Maybe they have picked up on how you are playing. Try to pay attention to your motions and tells, you might be giving something away to them. Just a thought.
  10. This has happened to me before also. I took a couple of days away from poker to relax. No I dont mean that I played some low limit games or even just for fun, I stayed away from live and online games completely. When I returned, I was so excited to play again that I completely forgot about what had happened a few days ago. That is when I play my best, when I'm not worrying about how much money I lost the other day. Just a suggestion that worked for me.
  11. I personally hate rebuys as well. One of my friends plays them all the time and goes all-in every couple of minutes online. I asked him why, and he said "because I have the money to do it, and sooner or later I'll hit my card". Makes no sense to me.
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