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  1. I haven't heard it mentioned in any retrospective and you would think it would be.Oh and it's late in the UK so my synapses aren't firing as fast.I may have to go to bed.
  2. For late comershttp://www.channelsurfing.net/watch-wsop.html
  3. If they're not mentioning it in the intro, they'll be the first words out of his mouth.
  4. There's also audio commentary at http://www.worldseriesofpoker.com/news/art....asp?newsID=943I'm rooting for John Kalmar 'bout time we had a british winner...
  5. Outstanding sir you are a gentleman and a scholar.
  6. Despite living in the UK I know a little bit about American Football, and managed to catch some of the game on Sunday, but to my uneducated eyes these bets may as well be written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. I think I've been thrown by the +/- numbers. Colts -6.5 -1.10 $20,000Marvin Harrison Over 76.5 yards -1.10 $1,000What Will Manning throw First, TD or INT? I have TD -1.85 $1000 Manning Over 1.5 TD passes -1.55 $1,000Manning will not throw an INT +1.35 $1,000Grossman 1st Pass Incomplete +1.20 $1,000Manning 1st Pass Incomplete +1.70 $1,000Who Will Throw 1st INT? Grossman -1.30 $1
  7. I do see what your saying, but then again I don't know of any programs (other than the one you mentioned) talk about the finer points of gambling, and as an hours worth of TV before you go to bed you could do a lot worse.Plus you would have got to see Phil Laak get a titty lip on when the presenter said "fuuck" at the poker table.
  8. sorry for the short notice but check out Channel 4 tonight at 11:05.Program about poker.Daniel was on the one last night (about gambling in general) winning a $100 bet with the presenter. (DN bet the presenter couldn't swing the medicus without it breaking in 3 swings... he couldn't). They also mentioned "the big loss".
  9. Agreed, I think a raise on the turn tells you where you are in this hand. The over bet on the river does seem like an "I don't want you to call me" raise. I play a lot of these low limit SnG's and the range of hands the villain could be holding are vast, I'm thinking he's holding A-10 or greater (not including the jack) and he's put you on a busted flush or He's got an overpair to the flop (the turn seemed to slow him down) and he's happy with the 6 so his pair could 99 or 10 10.I think it's a call here.The other thing was, has the action been fast and furious to this point? The blinds seem qu
  10. There may be a day in the future when I stop laughing at this.
  11. Actually while we're at it can anyone clear up as to wether it's 'card sharp' or 'card shark'? Are they two different things? do they mean the same?Does anyone know what's going on???
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