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  1. Ok I got a new one. This one didnt even gather a comment.During pokerstars 2 table SNG ....Dealer: Tournament is starting, good luckdna4ever: chop?
  2. This isnt really a bad beat, but just sucks flopping the nut rainbow straight and not winning. Especially when it knocks you out of a tourny.http://www.pokerhand.org/index.php?page=vi...view&hand=24833Would you have reraised all in like I did when that 2nd T hit?
  3. How do you all respond to people who chat or try to make conversation when playing in a game online? I love to talk when I'm playing but I think most people find it annoying.Always fun to use some Rounders references to try and make yourself look like a total newb ...dna4ever: its been 30 minutes and I havent spotted the sucker at the table yet, crap!Another one of my favorites ...Dealer: Game #1018244944: dna4ever wins pot ($1.90)dna4ever: 5263 more pots like that and i got my seat at the wsopSo does this just annoy the hell out of people or are most people cool with it? I guess if you have
  4. "Dont do anything stupid"Thats the only quote you need to know from Daniel
  5. Hmm why do I not believe that story?Isn't Yahoo Entertainment News as reliable as the Enquirer?Either way cool story and if it is true go Fossilman, u badass.
  6. Do a google search on "poker" AND "short handed".There are a ton of nice articles out there about HU and 3/4 way action. Heres a great place to start .....http://www.pokernews.info/news-id10.html
  7. Its funny that a guy who posts in a poker forum and plays cards all the time talks about someone else having too much time lolI think those poker designs are awesome and I got a nice lil 500 piece 11.5 gram set myself that I think I am going to have to try that on now.
  8. Personally I hate rebuys and nearly refuse to play them, but on occassion I get a hankerin (thats a southern term for 'urge') to play one. When I do play a rebuy I play the first hour tighter then a drum only playing the most premium of hands and I always utilize the addon unless I am above 80% avg stack.I have seen the madness that you talk about and I dont think there is any way someone can make money doing that on a regular basis. Some people confuse rebuy tournies with turbo tournies and think they have to build there stack as fast as possible. A big stack can help intimidate and take a
  9. I just watched a DVD of Howard Lederer's called "Howard Lederer Tells All" and it is basically just 60 minutes of how to pick up tells in live games. There is a tiny bit of hold-em instructional, but mainly a how to read tells DVD. I picked it up in the Wal-Mart 2 for $11 DVD bin, but have seen it on ebay pretty cheap too.
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