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  1. This private tracker rocks...can dl at realli nice speeds.
  2. If I flop a nut low (usually with A2) on a board with no counterfeit protection or a chance for high I would usually fold unless there are a lot of players in the pot.
  3. Vey nice doubling up there...On a flop of Q 10 2 'random' gets it all in with 910 and his opponent called with 7s. It held up and he's up to almost 700k.But his just doubled up his opponent with K6 vs QJ when a Q flopped, which held up as well. He now holds about a 2-1 chip lead over his opponent.Big pot woth almost 500k there won by Random on the river with no showdown...nice play.Random TAKES IT DOWN! Classin coin-flip with 7s vs AQ all-in PF and it holds up.Way 2 represent man...FCP ftw!
  4. Railing with nothin else betta to do...take it down man!Woo HU! Go FCP!
  5. You must register b4 u can dl at thepokerbay. Click browse or search at the top to look for torrents.
  6. I fold...bottom set against flush draws, only a J gives me a straight, no backdoor draws (hi or low)...I'm out.
  7. AAK4s generally plays better against one opponent than multiple ones. Even if you flop top set you can easily lose to flushdraws or better lows. Agaisnt one opponent you're maximising ur chance of winning.That said, I havn't played PLO8 for a long time so it'd b interesting to see what others have to say as well.
  8. Mainly playing $10 PL O8 at Stars:VPIP = 31%PFR = 3%WTSD = 25%W$SD = 63%Since my results over ~240hands are so similar, I guess I can draw the same conclusions... maybe raise a little more PF?
  9. its there to suit the Australian times...just like the European suited the European times and the US suits the US times
  10. Just wondering when the PC version of Stacked is really coming out...Some sites say April 11th, some say May 5th, others May 30th...I live in Australia and I wanted to pre-order the game but the dude at Electronics Boutique said that its not in the system yet...I'd appreciate if someone official (i.e. DN or FCP Info) can shed some light on this
  11. love the sound of the idea...a few questions though...1. Is Daniel playing?2. Do we have to be registered on FCP? (I have a pokerroom account)3. Are there times that can accomodate Aus playas? =PCheers
  12. so Ice started with like 10k? theres around 60k on the table...
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