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  1. I didn't read the entire thread of 25 pages, mind me.And the answer is?
  2. Wait hold on.Why would you expose this to the world? You have a program that could make you millions, yet you are QUITTING? Why? You're always saying you're on a tight income, that you've gone broke multiple times in the past. Wouldn't this be the solution to all your problems?
  3. Hmm yeah, my preflop reraise was pretty low now that I think of it. 2$ probably would have pushed him out preflop. or at least on the flop.
  4. Im still foldingYou've got a point, this call may be a loss in the long run. Any suggestions on how I could have improved the play so he couldn't bet so huge on the river?
  5. His hand his not important, I'm most interested in how to stop that huge bluff by the river. It was a very uncomfortable call.I could have sworn he had the A of diamonds or at least the Q, but no. He had J8, J of diamonds.Thanks all for your comments, I appreciate it.
  6. Raise it preflop.But since you didn't, it's an obvious fold. He could have ANYTHING, and 90% of the time, a three.
  7. Didn't say it was automatic, I was just emphasizing on how easy of a play KT was. After betting the 200, it was even a more OBVIOUS call.
  8. There is NO WAY you can fold that. You already put in 200, 220 more to call. This guy could have basically anything, I put him on something like T5 or a low pocket pair. I wouldn't fold A hi in that situation, your odds are just too huge.
  9. Yes, but bad players do not equal honest players, they also bluff although it's of no coordination (like this pot here). A7 is a huge possibility, but I don't know why he would bet so big on the river if he saw that my flush draw had missed?Seemed like he was trying to push me out.
  10. If he's not bluffing, what could he have? It just didn't seem like he had anything at ALL. That's the only reason I called the bet.
  11. Heres what I thought about his play:This flop is a horrible flop for an AKos if I held no diamonds, therefore I put him on a testbet, to see if I did have a diamond. With AKos without a diamond, it would be overly difficult for me to call, not to mention raise. The bet on the flop meant absolutely nothing to me.Since I reraised him preflop then raised him on the flop, he could correctly put me on some overcards with at least a diamond. No diamond on the turn, perfect time for him to take this pot down. Heres where I put him on a bluff. If he really had a flush, set of sevens, or a full house,
  12. Seconded.It was capped preflop, so if you're looking to win this pot, you had better hope they each have AK or TT with no spades. If someone has KKs or AAs, which is quite a possibility, you're drawing to one out.
  13. An interesting hand that recently came up. I'm usually a limit player, trying out some lower limit NL. SB: posts small blind $0.10BB: posts big blind $0.25Dealt to Hero [K:diamond: A:heart:]UTG: folds Villain: raises $0.25 to $0.50CO: calls $0.50Hero: raises $0.75 to $1.25Reraising with AKos on the button.SB: folds BB: folds Villain: calls $0.75CO: folds FLOP: 3:diamond: 2:diamond: 7:diamond:Villain: bets $1Hero: raises $1.50 to $2.50I've got the K of diamonds, and he bets out a dollar. I raise here for more information and hopefully to take down the pot here. Doesn't happen.Villain: calls $1.
  14. Hand 1Nothing wrong. Unless UTG+1 is the type of loose player that calls in such a position with hands like A3s or Krablar, I think you're good.Hand 2I would fold the flop here. Even if you do catch your straight card, it's likely that you'll be splitting. The board also shows a flush draw possibility, in which if the 5 of diamonds hits, you may be paying off a flush.Hand 3Bet the Ace. That's one of your outs, and the way Villain has played this hand, he seemed to have KK, QQ, JJ, or TT.Hand 4I would bet/call the river. He had AK, didn't he?Hand 5I would have played this hand the same way.
  15. So I have AK of hearts in middle position and raise. I am playing .5 / 1 limit holdem and I get 3 callers; the button, SB, and BB. The flop comes with something like QT5, one heart. The SB checks and the BB bets. What is the best thing to do here? 2 overcards, backdoor nut flush draw, and nut gutshot draw. I don't think folding here is a choice, but should I raise or just call? I know that these players are very loose and aggressive, so they could basically have anything and be betting with it, whether it be a Jack high or a set of Queens...
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