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  1. hmm, let's see. When I was regularly playing 3/6 and 5/10, i decided one night after a bottle and a half of wine that playing in the 15/30 six max game at full tilt would be a good idea. It really was, for about 2 seconds. I cracked aces with 45o in my first hand. Then i proceeded to make an ass out of myself and lost almost every penny I had on that site. I think I dropped like $800 in about half an hour. Drinking and poker rules. And I'm never doing it again.
  2. I've heard you can't use other people's offers. At least that was what was going on here last month people posted different codes.
  3. I got a 33% up to $100. I think I play party too much. I also paid like two grand in rake last month.-Matt
  4. With regards to the question about LC's 3/6 v 6/12, I think the 6/12 is very beatable. I haven't played the 3/6 there mind you, but I can assure you that the 6/12 is just as beatable as any 3/6 game I've played anywhere else. If I had to qualify the difference between the players I saw at 6/12 and 3/6 players from elsewhere, I would say that the 6/12 guys are a bit less clueless. They have a better conception of preflop hand selection and are thus a bit tighter pre flop, but are just god awful post flop. They call with TPTK or BPTK all the same. They are a passive bunch by and large. The
  5. Any comments about the 15/30 from what you've seen? I'm sure the 6-12 is fantastic there if it's anything like the 6-12 at Lucky Chances. But yeah, the main reason I haven't frequented AJs yet is because they only have 23 tables total, and they don't spread a bunch of limits. Do you play at Bay 101 now, or just online?
  6. Anyone played the 15 game at Artichoke Joe's in San Bruno (near San Francisco for those non-bay area folk)? I would rather play there since it's closer to my house, but they don't spread anything similar to 10-20. Lucky chances spreads 9/18, which was excellent, but it's a longer drive for me.
  7. 9/18 live at Lucky Chances. Villain is pretty donkish and has burned a buy in already, mostly by cold calling then folding. He's been bitching for about 40 minutes about a guy tripping up on the river to take down his kings. I don't know if he's a little drunk, or what. I look down to find two red kings in LP. 1 limp, I raise, 2 folds, BB (villain) reraises, limper calls, I cap, BB calls, limper callsFlop: 3 players (12.5 SB) J23 (rainbow)BB checks, limper checks, I raise, BB raises, Limper folds, I three bet, BB caps, I callTurn: 2 players (10.25 BB) 10 (offsuit)BB checks, I bet, BB rais
  8. What limits are you jumping in between if you don't mind answering?
  9. Fair enough. It seems the concensus is that I played it like poop. Next time, call down. OR I don't really mind capping the flop and folding to a turn bet if he leads though, is that any more weak than what I actually did? On the hypothetical turn, if he checks, I value bet, and if I get check raised, I'm dumping the kings. My main concern here is trying to not lose 2.5 BB when I'm behind, but maybe that's just gonna happen sometimes.
  10. about the results, I'm not saying I'm right bc he had a J, I'm saying that's a reason why I'm being stubborn here. Please, change my mind, I hate folding kings.
  11. I'm perfectly willing to admit I played the hand wrong, but not without clearing a few things up. First, as much as I don't want to be results oriented, he had a J. However the more I think about it, the more he could be making the same move with a 7. I dunno, if I were MP2 I may try to knock out a guy playing something like AK, so I may reraise from MP2 with something like A7s, if the pot were heads up. He could also make the same move with 8s or 9s. This is the kind of hand that I hate to call down with, bc I go into call down mode from the flop. That's shitty because that means I'm ba
  12. I don't know that people make this reraise without a J. Maybe I'm just jaded bc recently I've been making some call downs even when my read tells me that the guy has me beat. Pot isn't big. Guy probably has a J. BB may have a jack and is slow playing us. I'm likely dead to 2 outs. Seriously, what does someone reraise with here besides a J?
  13. Alright, since posting, I've been watching villain, if it helps, inject this read into the original post. MP2 is EXTREMELY loose. Just showed down K6o from UTG+1 with a board of 10-7-2-6-6It was bet the whole way. Also showed down 29s from UTG for a rivered flush.
  14. No reads, my table image is good, only showed down strong hands after about an hour. This seems standard here. I don't think I can justify continuing on here. Is peeling an option or is that just a waste?Party Poker 5/10 Hold'em (9 handed) converterPreflop: Hero is MP3 with [Kc], [Ks]. 2 folds, BB calls, MP2 calls.Flop: (6.40 SB) [Jc], [Jd], [7h] (4 players)BB checks, MP2 bets, Hero folds, BB calls.Turn: (7.20 BB) [Qh] (3 players)BB checks, MP2 bets, BB calls.River: (9.20 BB) [3s] (3 players)BB checks, MP2 bets, BB folds.Final Pot: 10.20 BB
  15. Wrong year. He made it in 2001, when carlos won it all.http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/event.php?a=r&n=3066
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