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  1. Ummmmmm, don't do it. She's a co-worker AND a boss. If things go sour where does that leave you with your job? Blame it on the booze and tell her it'll never happen again cause you don't want it to affect your career. This is a minefield your walking into.
  2. I realize the "brutaliness" of $40 with 1/2 blinds. I guess I'm steaming because he asked for my advice, I gave it and he told me I was ignorant cause I can't afford to play even at that low level. The way he talks the $40 game is unbeatable and I just find that hard to believe. I appreciate everyone's thoughts on the subject though so thanks again.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys.I have to say I think my friend has some serious holes in his game. When and if he doesn move up, he's only going ot have one buy-in so he'll playing with his back against the wall. I personally think he needs to find out why his game isn't working at the lower level. I'm no DN, but to me, poker is about adjustments and I don't think he's making any nor is he willing too. Ah well, I warned the bonehead. For the record I hope I'm wrong. I do want good things for my friends, but can't encourage what I consider to be reckless behavior.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a friend who has been going to the Bike in L.A. and playing in their $40 NLHE cash game with 1/2 blinds. He's been maybe five times and according to him has either lost $120-200 or, lost it all then won "most of it back" everytime. He's decided that the game is "too loose" and says next time he's going to buy-in to the $200 table with 2/3 blinds so he can play some "real poker." He then wanted to know what I thought. I, along with every noted poker author I've read, think moving up in levels because you can't win is a huge mistake, but this guy insists that it's the righ
  5. I've never met Daniel, but I did get to play in a Sit N' Go with Greg Raymer in 2005. It was at the IGN Live event in Anaheim, Poker Stars ran 9, 20 person tourneys throught out the day. The winners of each tourney got to return at the end of the day and play with Greg for an entry to a WPT Satellite. He pushed all in with Jacks on the first hand and was called by pocket Queens that held up. After busting out on the first hand he sat and answered questions for the rest of the tourney. Here's what he said: Best poker book to read: Theory of Poker Hardest part of WSOP 2005: Getting to th
  6. Well, I guess my goals for next year are even more pathetic than losing wait. My bankroll right now is $200. That's not a typo, two hundred dollars. I don't make a lot of money and play mostly micro limtis online and .25/.50 home games but would like to play more B&M cash games this year. I'd really like to get a bankroll in the thousands by the end of next year. I think that is more than possible.I'm also going to dedicate myself to reading the Theory of Poker. I've tried in the past and it made my brain hurt, but I"m really going to take my time with it and try to wring some poker
  7. Danneman also made the final table of the tournament of champions event that "The Mouth" won. Not saying he was a great player but he had to be doing something right.
  8. I'm a lurkalicious, but I'll be in Vegas 12/25-12/27. I'd love to meet some of you guys.
  9. My all time favortie online quote:"I'm winning at my other table."
  10. Can't go wrong with the Bike either and I enjoy the Hustler Casino as well.
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