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  1. A major leak in my game, IMO, is river play OOP and whether I am missing valuable bets. What would you guys have done here? (I don't know how to use a converter, any tips? lol)6 handed $1-2. I'm in SB with 6s5s. First two positions call, I complete, and BB checks.Flop comes 6c8d5cI check, BB checks, EP1 checks and EP2 bets and everyone calls. Turn: Qd. I check, BB checks, EP1 checks and EP2 bets and this time I two-bet since the main draws missed. BB and EP1 fold and EP2 calls. River: 3d.My normal play is to check here because if he has a missed draw, he could easily bet at it, and I hate to b
  2. Interesting situation.I'd fold because AQ three handed to a raise and re-raise can't be any good, and you can pick off blinds to keep your stack healthy. I'd play with the first raiser but muck after the re-raiser enters the pot. At these 2.20 type turbos, he's liable to be making that play with KQ/KJ/AT/AJ/Certainly 55-JJ. Can't call the re-raise though. What did they have?What if your hand was AK? Would you push?
  3. Since this is a turbo and the blinds are a-comin, I would be going for a push here and inch closer to top chip position. Since it's his tourney life, he can't call here. So push and pick up the dead equity (Huge at these blind levels). He probably had a garbage king here. The second best option is Copernicus' suggestion of completing. Try to hit your set and take someone out (allow BB into the hand where he will pay you off with any connection of the flop) Maybe the board comes 247 with no flush draws and now all the sudden short-stacked BB makes a desperate push with his 4 or 7. With the K h
  4. He's not check min raising with Ace ten or ace 4 with this board, so he doesn't have those hands.He is either semi-bluffing with like a KcTx or he's already there (KcTc, perhaps?). I'd put him on the flush most of the time here. I would have checked this turn to keep the pot small and called a value bet on a river brick. If you get check re-raised, you're in for a tough decision at the earliest blind level.
  5. I would have pushed here, knowing I needed a double up at some point and QQ is a good enough hand to do it. You could get a call from JJ or TT and are 4:1 to double your chip stack. Not to mention you have them both outstacked if you lose this pot. Every chip counts.I don't like your fold here, but I'm glad you got out b/c of the ace, haha. How did you do in the tourney? Did you find another double up spot?
  6. "Listening to Hellmuth and Flack would be mistake #1."LOLThe extent to which those two were kissing eachothers butts was both amusing and worrisome.
  7. Hell DN and the FCP veterans, long time lurker here.DN, I know your phiolosophy is to play a lot of hands early on in tournies and rely on your skills to bust the dead money, however. . .In the WSOP main event, hasn't this sort of backfired? I know it's a bit of a conundrum, because you are playing to win which entails being aggressive, but with the blinds so low, people will continue to overvalue their ace rag hands, even OOP to 3 and 4 bets.The reason I pose this question is. . . Look at the guy who finished second, Steve Dannerman. I was listening to the live audio with Flack and Hellmuth,
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