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It's Been A Long Time Since I Got A Good Cash Out

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Man it's been so long since I cashed out a winner. I been playing on full tilt here and there $500 a pop, playing 1-2nl and 2-4nl. Couldnt catch a break forever. Couple nights ago I played at this home game I normally play at once a month, however its been 4 months since we last played. I brought $1500 to the game, we normally play little bit of hold em and mostly omaha hi lo and california (california is where u get 5 cards and play it like omaha) we usually play california because the pots get so juicey. Pots are usually around $650-$1300 somehwere in that range but they get chopped up a lot since we play hi lo. It's always a great game to play in, well I went through $1500 in 1-2 hours and went on the book for $400. I caught a few nice pots and built up to about $1200, paid $400 off on the book and was playing back on my own money. 2 people left after a pretty big pot I won, which left us to 3 players. I had a massive chip stack to about $3500 and the two other players had under $400. To make a long story short, I ended up just hitting every flop to the point where im checking the nuts on the river because its a friendly game. I cashed out $6000 after paying off the book of $400 and winning my money back. Felt great.So the next night there was another home game and they play 1-2 nl hold em. I was not doing so well and there is this one player there that is the king of suck outs. I went in the game $500 fast and bought in for another $500 which is all I brought, donked that off to about $230 and than got into 2 really big pots. Ended up cashing out $1200 which was great that I got my money back and had a little bit to put towards my bankroll.$6200 in 2 nights..woohoo..

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