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  1. hmmm id be more interested in it ... if it was wireless... i dont need more wires..........
  2. why not play heads up and chip dump you only loose a tiny bit to the rake depending on much money your moving
  3. my take on this, is.... to win a bracelet is important. as with any profession/sport[sports in particular]. you want to be known as the best, to be the most successful player. poker in itself is a profession but the world series, to me is the sport. you compete every day for 2 months to win bracelets. the money helps but at the end of the series you want to be player of the year, or win 2 bracelets or the main event or the horse event. you compete for the challenge of the sport. obviously in poker the most successful players have/should have the most money. but this isnt for the entire year, t
  4. well the ratings draw is only to entice the sponsors who put up the 2 million, the sponsors want name players because that means more people will be interested meaning more people will see their commericals and they can make more money. if the sponsors dont get what they want, they pull their money, and than there is no free roll, and than no point to the tourney. just to add a lil to that point.
  5. that still a lil scary.. but hey at least your upfront about your pedophilia
  6. grab a handful of those bundles of hundreds and light them on fire.
  7. i just got it all in my AKss v A6off and lost so it seems to be sucking out just as reguarly as evar.
  8. well known pros.. like guys you see on tv, or just players that are making money by playing professionally... because their are alot of them out there. or at least a lot of them that blog and say their winning players, professionally.
  9. i think some of things that made the show very interesting was the differences in style, townsend played very aggressively raising with a wide variety of hands, antonios preflop play stealing, reraising with nothing, very aggressive, and even the bluff on benyamine was a strange but interesting play. booth big stack poker bluff, i think mostly everyone played great, im sure there were hands that some played better, i liked watching everyone play, wasicka played very tight, solid poker, showing that you can win with a very conservative style, especially against many loose, aggressive players..i
  10. thats so elistist, only open to canadian residents. blaah.
  11. well personally i push all in here, any substantial re-raise to say 400 [30+30+120+120+400=700] or so is decent but if either player comes over the top its almost a pot commited call [uTG 1371-700=671 giving about 2:1 odds on the call, and CO has even less than that] . CO probably doesnt have much since their not much action after him you can't expect him to limp with a big hand and UTG could have a range of hands, i'd put him more than likely AJ+ maybe 88 or better, KK or AA is a possibility, but not likely. so thats where i get my reasoning to push, their going to fold weak hands and you can
  12. i do think booth was apply maximum pressure, but its possible that booth could have put ivey on anything from jj, maybe even TT to AK, its something very possible. since booth had already re-raised if he thinks ivey has anything less than aces he could be trying to represent imo. if ivey has qq or lower, ak, hes gonna lay it down to a re-raise if you think through the hand. all the other high level thinking is possible but it could something as simple as that. also you can only really make that kind of play against a great player because almost all average players will make that call but someo
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