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I should have stayed at this table, but the swings were too much to handle. Hand #40569570-12794 at Ogdensburg (Pot Limit Omaha)Started at 03/Apr/07 19:33:12 bryanlsu1 is at seat 0 with $0 (sitting out). ccob is at seat 1 with $211.30. buenosdias is at seat 2 with $355.90. cumgetsome is at seat 3 with $328.30. Jamestl17 is at seat 4 with $148.35. The button is at seat 1. buenosdias posts the small blind of $1. cumgetsome posts the big blind of $2. ccob: -- -- -- -- buenosdias: -- -- -- -- cumgetsome: -- -- -- -- Jamestl17: 2c Jh Ks KcPre-flop: Jamestl17 calls. ccob raises to $9. buenosdias folds. cumgetsome calls. Jamestl17 calls. Flop (board: 6s Kd 5c): cumgetsome checks. Jamestl17 checks. ccob bets $28. cumgetsome folds. Jamestl17 raises to $112. ccob calls. Turn (board: 6s Kd 5c As): Jamestl17 goes all-in for $27.35. ccob calls. River (board: 6s Kd 5c As Ac): (no action in this round) Showdown: Jamestl17 shows 2c Jh Ks Kc. Jamestl17 has Ks Kc Kd As Ac: full house, kings full of aces. ccob mucks cards. (ccob has 9h Jd Kh Tc.) Hand #40569570-12794 Summary: $2 is raked from a pot of $306.70. Jamestl17 wins $304.70 with full house, kings full of aces.----------------------------------------------------------------

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