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E-passporte Concerns.

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So I reloaded for a small amount onto e-passporte 2 weeks ago. to my surprise, my credit card was accepted. Due to poor play (ok, crap play) I had to reload again 2 days ago. My credit card was now declined as the financial institution would not accept e-passporte as a viable vendor. So I tried a different card, went through the whole thing including putting in my last 3 #'s on the card like they ask. Denied again. I got to my 4th card (debit card from bank) which was accepted. So now i'm concerned that E-passporte has all my cards infos and i tried to erase them. It turns out you cannot erase any creditcard info. I e-mailed and asked them and they reinforced this. Would you be concerned if they had 4 of your cards infos and would not erase them. or am I sweating bullets over nothing?

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Just that simple huh? Who cares about your credit rating or a gigantic hassle.
If you did you'd have thought about it before you entered all four of them one by one into the same web page. So clearly the OP doesn't see that as a hassle.
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