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Best Office Chair For Under $200?

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Has anybody found the perfect chair for a good price?I'm thinking about this...http://www.bizchair.com/wd5330-os.htmlOr this...http://www.bizchair.com/cp-a019b01-gg.htmlor maybe this...http://www.luxurychair.com/Chairs-Seating/...irs/LC5266.htmlIf anybody knows of a site that has similar chairs for better prices it would be cool.Maybe this will need to be moved but I think it's poker related, since I'm buying it to sit in while playing poker.

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The one thing I can't stand about most office chairs that are big and squishy looking like that is that when you sit in it after a month, the seat cushioning gives in and you're butt is hitting solid wood/plastic/whatever. I have one of those massaging chairs and the cushioning in the seat went down so fast that I had to go out and by some leather cushions to put in the chair (which actually worked nicely and match the chair well)Also if you get a massage chair be warned that it won't be as cushy as there are motors and whatnot inside it and it also needs to have less material inbetween that and your back so that it actually lets you feel anything shaking.I'd definitely suggest giving them some test sits and seeing if the seat padding is going to be thick enough to last a while.Also before anyone mentions it, no I'm not extremely overweight or even fat... I'm 155 pounds. Maybe it's my lack of *** that makes sitting in harder chairs uncomfortable... but I still think most of these luxury office chairs don't actually provide much cushion even though they look very comfortable at first glance.

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