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daily poker blog? maybe change to weekly poker blog

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You guys should read the blog where Daniel is in LA. He had homosexuals hitting on him and a thug offering him weed. He should not be so personal on these. Only poker. I played this day lalala i won this much lalala i lost this much. I played this ....i played loose, tight,,, lalalalala. He should stick to poker because his personal life and his interests do nothing for me and have caused him to come into contact with the weirdos in the world. IM ALL IN TOO B IATCHPaco :shock:

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Why should he only post about poker? This is a daily blog. A day in the life of a pro poker player, where else can you get that? If you want straight poker read any of the 1,000 other blogs out there. Its cool to know you can be a pro poker player millionaire, but still have emotions, fears and dreams just like the rest of us. I for one appreciate the time he takes to give us something to read even if its not everday. Keep it up Dan and thank you

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