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I was just reading an article DN wrote for Card Player Magazine.Would anyone please be able to elaborate on the following quote from the article:"Unfortunately, I think the Dom caught up to me. I took a few bad beats to get low on chips, but then made a crucial mistake with A-Q to lose my last $9,500. It was a rookie mistake that I don't think I would have made had I followed my cardinal rules."-Im wondering what would have been the situation? A preflop raiser with AK. DN calling. Board xxA...... Villan bets. DN pushes all in. Something like that? -Also wondering what would the cardinal rule be?the link to the article im referring to is http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/daniel/pok...t_from=&ucat=6&I didnt know where else to post this but feel it could fit here.

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