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10k hand pt checkup

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Yeah. Put here because it's all the micro-limit and such. I don't know if winning ranges for the stats change that much in micro. I doubt it, but eh.Let's see, after 10,058 hands:VP$IP - 16.47% (Lex Luger might say to me "AND YOUR POKER GAME IS TOO TIGHT TOO, EMPTYEYE!!")PFR - 9.75%WSD - 30.36%W$SD - 54.18%AF - 3.48 ("BET RAISE RERAISE CAAAAAAAAAAAP" -JaysonWeber nutbars it up)By street:Flop: 4.10Turn: 3.54River: 2.53BB/100 - 5.70Blind steal attempt %- 29.15Fold SB to steal %- 71.43Fold BB to steal %- 82.76 (Something tells me this is high)Fold to River Bet %- 58.36Anything else that might be of interest that may help analyze where I'm at?

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blind stealing and defense are much more important as you go up.for now, the BB folds still seem high.I'll deduce you see too many rivers and then Fold incorrectly.....still not like I'd worry about stats too much.you are agressive, that's for certain.I like that the AF's go down on each street.Call more rivers.

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