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  1. I'm check/folding on the flop. We may be ahead now, but that third spade will always fall. Always I tell you!
  2. From the "I'm Lee Jones" hand, I can tell this will be fun.
  3. I'm also going for a check/raise on the flop. We're then (I think) getting the odds to peel one if we're 3-bet (And we think our 2-pair will be good).
  4. I'm probably raising the turn here myself. With that high of a percentage, I suppose a 69 or 9J is a possibility, but he's aggressive enough that I'm raising the turn and seeing how he responds before giving him credit for it.What do we do if we're 3-bet? Is it an easy fold or what?
  5. Without reading replies:I'm firing until I encounter aggression. I probably do the same as you would on the river--crying call one raise (Though I mentioned elsewhere that people seem to be bluffing me on the river alot for some reason. Maybe selective memory on my part), folding reluctantlyif it's two more back to me.
  6. Without reading replies: Capping the river like it's my job and sucking up if it's a boat over boat situation.
  7. This is a line I'll take with pocket pairs myself, though usually with something like JJ where I raise and get 3-bet preflop. Like you, I lead the turn if villain calls as well.In short: I like it.
  8. Yeah, I'm for peeling one off as well.As already mentioned, you can easily make up the difference in odds (22:1 to hit a set vs. the 17.5:1 you're getting) on subsequent rounds if you do hit, particularly if we get one or more of the calling stations in this hand to stick around. Obviously, you fold if you miss on the turn.
  9. Yeah, given the way things have played out, I'm pretty sure he has an ace. Given that you're looking at spending at least 2BB to get to showdown from here (I'm presuming he'll lead the river as well), this is a pretty easy fold in this spot.
  10. Yeah, I'm scared of the 9 on the turn much more than the board pairing tens on the river.This is a pretty easy bet/call for me. It's definitely a bluff enough times that I think it's profitable (Maybe it's selective memory, but lately I seem to be running into this situation [Where someone bluff raises and/or bluff check/raises me on the river] a lot. It's strange, because I don't think I've ever bet/folded on the river except in a Clarkmeister situation, and I certainly don't do it often enough that anyone who's paying attention might think I would actually fold on the river for one more bet.
  11. Should you have led the turn? Yes. If he raises you there, go into calldown mode. Maybe I'm overly cautious, but I have the feeling your c/r just winds up being 3-bet here by something that has you crushed that you end up spending an extra BB to get to showdown (Because you could have gotten the same informatoin by simply leading the turn).
  12. I agree. I probably lead the flop, because there's no guarantee someone else is going to take the lead given the lack of preflop aggression.Given the way the flop played out, I like the way you played the turn.
  13. Added in the original post."lol hlep lol".
  14. Yeah. Put here because it's all the micro-limit and such. I don't know if winning ranges for the stats change that much in micro. I doubt it, but eh.Let's see, after 10,058 hands:VP$IP - 16.47% (Lex Luger might say to me "AND YOUR POKER GAME IS TOO TIGHT TOO, EMPTYEYE!!")PFR - 9.75%WSD - 30.36%W$SD - 54.18%AF - 3.48 ("BET RAISE RERAISE CAAAAAAAAAAAP" -JaysonWeber nutbars it up)By street:Flop: 4.10Turn: 3.54River: 2.53BB/100 - 5.70Blind steal attempt %- 29.15Fold SB to steal %- 71.43Fold BB to steal %- 82.76 (Something tells me this is high)Fold to River Bet %- 58.36Anything else that might be
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