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apparently 6 8 is nuts

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i busted out of 2 online tournaments at royal vegas today just a few spots out of the money in the same exact situation both times. Getting low on chips and looking to pick up more... i move in with Big Slick both times. Both times i called got by a 6 8... paired my king both times on the flop, but both flops brought an 8 as well... and both times i got hosed on the river when a 3rd 8 fell... once was terrible but twice was just awful.

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sounds like my experience on Full Tilt Poker... today I counted 4 hands in a row where I limped in with Q 8, K 8, J 8 then another Q8. I paired my over card everytime on the flop and one way or another got beat. No matter how much I raised people stayed to the river with what should have been nothing....Feels like more than just bad beats sometimes....

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