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  1. OK... I was sick from this one... oh well always next week... I called his all in, because he had played several hands like K6 .. A7... so i figured may have 6 and big kicker... i figured right .. my username cmgrider...PokerStars Game #2338577578: Tournament #10685813, Hold'em No Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2005/08/14 - 17:49:32 (ET) Table '10685813 417' Seat #4 is the button Seat 1: Guimp (3690 in chips) Seat 2: LongFuse (1515 in chips) Seat 3: ARCHAP (4467 in chips) Seat 4: fluffy (1582 in chips) Seat 5: Puff Adder (5870 in chips) Seat 6: pitboss32074 (2180 in chips) Seat 7: cmgrider (3055
  2. First here is a funny bad beat... at the time I did not think it was all that funny.... Me on the button JJeveryone folds.. I raise standard 3x..sb calls, BB raises but to only 4x... Perhaps that should have tipped me off, but I believe that a reraise may get 2 folds based on these two earlier plays... I go all in for 800 more... This puts me in for a total of about 1200. Nope both call... i knew this was no good...me - JJSB - QQBB - KKhere is funny part.... flop Q 8 Jcatch a set and still beat.... even better yetTurn - KRiver - 4So I am on the tail end of a 3 sets........pure pokerstars ma
  3. LMAO... I dont even know how this is a relevent question...I try not to be critical of others posts, but this is way out there. What would drug testing accomplish in poker??? What drug could someone possibly take that gives them an advantage in poker? The only reason for drug testing is to "supposedly" level the playing field.I vote for IQ testing, Man we could really thin the field then...
  4. I was at the first day of the WSOP Main Event and watched as Gus entered the area. It was funny to watch the reaction from the players at his table when he sat down. The guy next to him was ecstatic to be sitting next to him. Several of the other guys at the table looked at each other like Oh S*H*I*T....It was funny to see.
  5. Its funny that I found this just now. I certainly feel like a break is in order. I went on a big run for about 2 weeks and luckily withdrew a majority of my winnings leaving about 1k to play with. considering I started with just $100 almost 1 1/2 years ago and was cashing out about 200-300 per week just playing in the evenings, leaving any extra winnings to grow the bankroll. Then about 1 month ago I had a big couple of weeks. It seemed that I could not lose at the MTT's that I played. I took many with 1st or second and raked in several thousand over the course of about 2 weeks.Like I sa
  6. Is that myspace link for real??? I sure hope not, because some of the stuff that was written is just too hilarious to be real... you guys need to check that out and read the stuff written.such as "but I'm looking for someone to complete me. Someone who knows what it's like to be so deeply in love that you just feel like taking a shovel to someone's face"Wow - I never associated LOVE with wanting to beat someone with a shovel...lolHere is really what made me think this was a joke...General Interests listed as "Poker, drinking, the occasional cocaine binge, but nothing too serious. I also like
  7. Trick Daddy "C" Money Player Pro... Oh wait thats my pimp name Nevermind............
  8. thanks for the links.. man that matusow video is hilarious.... "Bunch of Idiots playing tournament poker".....LOL
  9. Anyone know which video on Cardplayer.com has the interview that Daniel referred to in his recent journal entry.I am asking about this quote."It's been pretty awesome with tons of bust out interviews including one with Mike Matusow that you just HAVE to see!"if anyone knows and could post the link it would be appreciated.Thanks
  10. Just dont say anything. If someone wishes you good luck, just say thanks. Depends on your belief in Luck. My thoughts on Luck....Do you believe in LUCK? The randomness of any game such as poker is that on any given hand any available card in the deck can fall, you can try to gauge what the likelyhood of getting your needed card/cards might be based on Stats/Percentages, but in the end it is total randomness of events.In order for there to truly be Good Luck or Bad Luck, would mean that the person receving the luck has something special about them that allows them to Receive/Not Receive th
  11. yeah that seems to be the problem... no one is signing up because of small turn out... so I am just going to cancel this weeks... thanks for the interest from you guys that checked this post.... If you are interested I will be having these every week on Thursdays usually good for a couple of tables.. Nothing huge, but a good time and some money available to win...Everyone is welcome anytime.
  12. come on I know half of you guys are playing right now.. lets go...
  13. Starts in 30 minutes... Everyone is welcome.. I know many of you have accounts on pokerstars.Sign up now
  14. Hope to see u guys up there. Still early, but some more interest wouldnt hurt
  15. come one come all... We need some folks in here tonight
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