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  1. got beaten to it by keith crime
  2. I found myself with the same problem as the OP. I'd try and play a solid game looking to get deep in a tourney... and usually wound up playing too tight. I found myself having to gamble around the money just to stay alive, or squeaking into the money without enough chips to make a run at some serious money. Many great tourney players, including Ivey, DN, Erick Lindgren etc. use the philosophy of gambling to accumulate chips early, as that is the only way you have a realistic shot at winning the whole thing. The idea is to take risks early and try and get a lot of chips, or go home. You migh
  3. Why are they playing for a seat in the WPT championship when each person won a seat with their respective WPT title? It doesn't make sense to me.
  4. yea this sucks so bad i'm chip leader of the 5 dollar limit tourney with 5 people left and its frozen and i think they are cancelling it. Does anyone have an idea how they payout if it gets cancelled?
  5. im donating my 20 bucks... slurpee24
  6. yea im basically running on fumes since i got all in with KK against AA and lost almost all my chips
  7. im in again as slurpee24... tonights the night
  8. im making an appearance tonight slurpee24
  9. do you think theyd just run the tournament with 236 people? Because im already in and would love a crack at 40k guaranteed against such a small field
  10. i busted too... guy mini raised another went in for 267 i came all in for like 900 with AK hearts... mini raiser had aces and im out
  11. of course the game goes into overtime too... lol
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