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official kidpoker vs. dreamclown thread

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its no secret that daniel juiced this match up to bring customers into his new store. wether the match up was originally set up for this, probably no one knows for sure.but im sure win or loose daniel was looking at the bigger picture.(new revenue stream via online poker business)any good businessman would hype up an opportunity for free advertising.well not actually free but either a small investment up front by loosing to dc or free advertising with profit(by beating dc).
So what could DN possibly have done to not make it seem as though he had an alterior motive? Not talk about it? People on this site enjoy watching DN play poker, not only bc he's a great player, but bc he's entertaining at the table. I think it's rude to automatically assume that someone has an alterior motive simply bc he lets people know that he's playing ON HIS OWN SITE.
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relax dood,did i say DN was in anyway wrong for doing that.if you read my post it says any good businessman would do the same.i think daniel is smart for taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to him.keep your pistol in your holster buddy!!!!

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It's just that I've been around a lot longer than you. Yeah, people played poker before it was a fad. I've been on RGP for probably 6 years
well ive been playin this thing called poker for ten years and never knew what rgp is till now and i still dont really know wat it is.maybe you should be around the card room more than some internet forum, then you can say something that is significant. but then again if you were any good, i doubt you'd be boasting about 6 years at some rgp thing.all i know is that i've been playing poker before this fad and i got to say the games are way juicier now than back then. if you say that Daniel is classless because he states his dislike of certain people on a public forum, well what does that make you. seems very hypocritical.
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