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Any of you guys listen to Aesop Rock? no regrets is a pretty tight underground rap song, Sage Francis seems pretty talented as well
My little brother's mentioned him a few times. I know he listens to him from time to time.I'm still hooked on the Edan disc that dropped a while back. It's the hotness.Note to self: Don't say things like "It's the hotness." You just sound like an idiot.Wang
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I'm bored, so here's 10 more random ones from the ol' iTunes media player. No comments this time.Artist: Jimi HendrixSong: Villanova Junction (Live at Woodstock)Artist: RushSong: The TreesArtist: Ray CharlesSong: I've Put a Spell on YouArtist: 2PacSong: I Ain't Mad at ChaArtist: CreamSong: Sunshine of Your LoveArtist: Rod StewartSong: People Get ReadyArtist: ColdplaySong: Green EyesArtist: Gustav HolstSong: JupiterArtist: The Robert Cray BandSong: TwentyArtist: Norah JonesSong: Butterflies

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