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pro240 needs your help hand #1

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Lately, I've been playing very weak poker. Posted earlier here (http://fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forums/viewtopic.php?t=35929) if you care to read. Anyways, I'm going to post a series of hands to hopefully help fix my leaks.Here's 5 hands below. A few of them I was looking at before posting this and honestly it makes me sick to see just how weak I played them. I'm almost embarassed posting some of them, but hopefully it will help me in the end. Thanks in advance to all who reply. I will be posting more hands later tonight.HAND #1Hand #9173743-12223 at Ampang ($1/$2 Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 29/Oct/05 17:03:01Master D is at seat 0 with $81.25.leilapev is at seat 1 with $87.25.pro240 is at seat 2 with $42.jsleez is at seat 3 with $23.50.Abraham94 is at seat 4 with $29.25.gle2828 is at seat 5 with $62.75.The button is at seat 5.Master D posts the small blind of $.50.leilapev posts the big blind of $1.Master D: -- --leilapev: -- --pro240: Kc Qsjsleez: -- --Abraham94: -- --gle2828: -- --Pre-flop:pro240 calls. jsleez folds. Abraham94 folds.gle2828 folds. Master D calls. leilapev checks.Flop (board: 2h Qd Ts):Master D bets $1. leilapev folds. pro240 calls.Turn (board: 2h Qd Ts 2d):Master D bets $2. pro240 raises to $4. Master Dcalls.River (board: 2h Qd Ts 2d Jc):Master D checks. pro240 bets $2. Master D calls.Showdown:pro240 shows Kc Qs.pro240 has Kc Qs 2h Qd 2d: two pair, queens and deuces.Master D shows Jd Qh.Master D has Jd Qh Qd Ts Jc: two pair, queens and jacks.Hand #9173743-12223 Summary:$.75 is raked from a pot of $17.Master D wins $16.25 with two pair, queens and jacks.----------------------------------------------------------------

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Without know anything about how Master D was playing, when he calls your raise on the turn and then checks the river, I would check it down since I hadn't improved throughout this hand. (I don't count 2's pairing the board improving your hand).When he called your raise on the turn and checked the river I would have been looking out for a check raise. His bad for not doing it IMO.

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