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which nl hold 'em book to buy?

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Hey everyone,I've been playing hold 'em for about a year now and consider myself to be somewhat of an average to above average player. I basically play NL Hold 'em, especially large tournaments. I have a few books such as "Play poker like the pros" by hellmuth (which i hate), Caro's book of tells, and the tournament poker book by TJ and Mcovey...but im looking to buy another. I was in the book store the other day and saw dan harrington's book on NL tourney poker. I had never heard anything about it and didnt even realize he had written a book. Is it any good? Also i've been putting off buying the super system for some time now..should i buy it? What about any of sklansky's books?Help me out here guys, im lost. Mikey

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If you're playing NLH on the net that means for the price of a couple of buy ins you can buy about whatevers out there I would recommend Harringtons book its really great and it kind of takes that really tight style that T.J. advocates and teaches you how to play a little bit more un predictably. Next I'd recommend Sklansky's Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. Next I'd recommend SuperSystem II The NLH section by Doyle is an almost verbatim rewrite of the original. Doyle advocates a steam roller style of play that really depends on your ability to read your table. I certainly can't play that style but its practically requirerd reading for anyone who wants to play NLH. I would also go to the book review forum and ask around about places that sell books more cheaply and about some well established (trustworthy) sites that offer free books as sign up bonuses. Believe me any money you spend on books is an investment and will pay itself back over the long run in spades. Happy hunting.

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