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what would u have done

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Another poker night at a friends house, 10 dollar buy in, blinds .1 - .2, 6 people bought in 1 rebuy to make the pot 70. I have to say i had a horrible card night, my best ace was A 10, and best pair 10 10(im not joking, 5 hours of play of pure 52, 96, 56, 84),early on i pick up a few pots here and there, nothing spectacular, my drunk friend went all in blind with his last 4 dollars and i called with my weak ace, i flopped an ace and that was all the action i played until we got to 3 handed, this following hand came up:i was small blind, dealer limps, i look down and see 10,10 (best hand ive picked up all night) i make it a solid buck to go, BB folds, dealer calls. This player had a rather decent stack, he never folds pre flop, and was the aggressor for most of the night, i have a somewhat decent read and knew my tens were way ahead, he wouldve raised with any kind of strong ace, or big pair so i knew i was more than a 50% favorite.the flop comes and all smiles are on my face 789, 2 spades, i have an over pair and open ended, i fire out with 1.25 bet, he immediatly calls, i put him on a pair at best, then turn comes a queen of diamonds, not really a scare card so i went out and bet another 1.25, w/o hesitating he announces 3.25, re-rasing me, alarms starting going off in my head, i went ahead and called and see what the river would bring, i wasnt convinced yet that my tens were no good, the river came a 5 no spade, so no flush, i went ahead and checked knowing he was going to go all in, and sure enough he went all in for his last 8 dollars, i have 10 dollars exactly so it for most of my chips, the ONLY thing i could beat is a pair, or a bluff, i didnt think he was bluffing so there was a chance i had him beat, what was going through my mind was he flopped top pair with nines, its his other card that was making my mind go crazy, i was worried he got 2 pair on the turn, or had 96 which would make his straight on the river or 98 which wouldn't surprise me either, he says he loves connectors, BUT i had that feeling that all he had was a nine, 9,10 or ace nine, were running through my head, i ended up folding, for what reason, im not sure, i knew my 10's could be the best hand, but there were just too many hands that had me beat, for all i know, my read could be horribly off and he had 10 j, flopping the nuts i kind of wanted to know what he had and didn't want to know, he said if i showed he would show, i went ahead and flipped up my pair of tens and sure enough he showed 10,9i dont know if i made the correct fold(not knowing his cards), or played my hand wrong, should i have played 4th of 5th street differently? or did he just outplay me, which is fine with me, he did outplay me, but could i have avoided witha different betting strategy, what would u guys have done?critisms and suggestion are welcome(p.s.) i ended up doubling up on the last hand with KQ against the 3rd persons AJ. so i cashed out with 15, which is not bad, but that 10 10 hand was definatly the critical hand of the night for me

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Without knowing the size of your stack, I think I would have pushed in on the turn. If he has a Q, then you have redraw outs, and if not, you probably have him beat. If he flopped a straight I think you're paying him off anyways with an overpair and a good draw. Seems like a weak fold to me since he would have to be holding 10-J, 6-7, or 10-q to have you in really bad shape. As you said he was calling a lot preflop, so he could have a hand like K-9, or 6-6. You had a definite edge on the turn, and pushing there is probably the best option.

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