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looking for opinions on a couple of sites

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Hello all...I've tried just about every site out there...but I haven't tried the following sites so I was looking for any opinion you have on the following:Doyle's RoomTrue PokerThe Gaming ClubNoble PokerThanks in advance!

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can only tell you about gaming club. it's not a great site, but i've played on worse. on the prima network with royal vegaslobby interface sucks, slow to reload2/4 tables are pretty tight, 1/2 is pretty easyyou can play up to 5 tables, i thinktheir mini table view is awesome, but takes some getting used to.trafficwise, usually busy enough for multitabling, but sometimes very lowgood deposit bonus, $300 released in $20 increments; you have to play limits of at least 2/4 for about 2/3 of the bonus thoughplay with a lot of the same people at the 2/4 tablesoverall: it's worth a try, but i only stayed for the bonus. i wouldn't make it my daily site if that's what you're looking for.i'm thinking of joining noble, so i'd like to hear some opinions about that too.

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