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  1. PC load letter! WTF does that mean?great movie. anyone who doesn't like office space is a no talent ass-clown
  2. connected to a casino, so games are full of fishsoftware is slow and only one table at a timeif you play MTTs, check out some of their big ones. i think they have overlays, and half the field is gone by the first break.
  3. imo, it takes a while to get the whole bonus, but they give in out in $20 increments.you can withdraw any or all of your original deposit and keep the bonus active. i think it expires after 4 months.from what i hear, for limit, it clears fastest at 3/6 and up, and i don't know about no limit. i signed up for ftp about 5 months ago to get the bonus. got about $80 of it and decided it wasn't worth my time. there were never enough people on the site to multitable effectively. i withdrew and just let the bonus expire. maybe more people play there now, i don't know.
  4. can only tell you about gaming club. it's not a great site, but i've played on worse. on the prima network with royal vegaslobby interface sucks, slow to reload2/4 tables are pretty tight, 1/2 is pretty easyyou can play up to 5 tables, i thinktheir mini table view is awesome, but takes some getting used to.trafficwise, usually busy enough for multitabling, but sometimes very lowgood deposit bonus, $300 released in $20 increments; you have to play limits of at least 2/4 for about 2/3 of the bonus thoughplay with a lot of the same people at the 2/4 tablesoverall: it's worth a try, but i only st
  5. you know that happens when you ASSUME something...glad this wasn't serious, and congrats on taking down that huge pot.
  6. IMHO, this might be one of the dumbest plays i've ever read about. and your supporting arguments make it seem even worse. some of this has been stated above, but i'll repeat it anyway.1. limping isn't a problem if you can see the flop cheap. the raise wasn't much so that's cheap enough and there are other people in the pot.2. you state you didn't know where you were after the raise, so you decided to reraise to find that out. why? you want to see the flop cheaply in a multiway pot with 9Ts. where do you think you are in the hand? not ahead, you're holding ten high. just call and see
  7. if your only choices are party and pacific, definitely party. play up to 4 tables, any rake counts towards a raked hand. it's pretty easy to clear bonuses at all the party skinspacific, you can only play one table at once, so i don't imagine bonuses clearing fast.
  8. won't offer an answer to your question, but i think what you're doing is a good idea. i've thought doing the same thing, but hate party's sng blind structure too much to play them. i'd like to know how you end up, so keep us posted.
  9. i really don't know anything about this specific situation but i can offer my opinion.i would guess the websites would not allow this. you could try reading the terms and conditions of the refer a friend offer. i would not be surprised if they didn't give you the bonus if you played on your friend's account.after the referral bonus is issued it should not be a problem. i'm pretty sure i've played from the same ip as a friend i referred, but it was long after he signed up and got the bonus.
  10. hey guys thanks for the replies.maybe i'll hop down to .5/1 for some looser action. is it possible to clear the bonus at .5/1 in a reasonable amount of time?
  11. don't know about stars or ub, but can tell you about party. party links any accounts that access the software from the same ip address. so if you use your friends account from your home computer, it will link your account and his together. this means you cannot play any cash tables or sngs together (to avoid collusion). even if you change ips the accounts are still connected.
  12. haven't looked passed page 2 but figured it out.Zall the top row letters look the same upside down
  13. anyone play at InterPoker? i just started and am trying to work off the $90 bonus at the $1/2 tables. only played for a few hours so far, but they have to be the tightest low limit tables i've ever played on. never more than 3 people see a flop. i've been playing really late at night (east coast) if that makes any difference. anybody else think this?
  14. first off, i stopped reading a few posts after OP stated the outcome of the hand, so what i'm about to say may have been said already.i didn't agree with the fold when i first read the post. because of your loose image, it's possible you were up against Ax or even Qx. I would have slowed down and just called the raises and a bet on the river. However, there is a huge problem with that play. Unless you can put the SB on a steal or a weak hand that he will fold, you don't close the betting on the turn. it could easily be capped. then on the river, after a bet and raise, you can't call bec
  15. i've used neteller for almost two years and never had problem. no security issues, very easy to use and best of all, it's free if you link your checking acct.if you use instacash they charge you a percentage, which is just more money you need to make playing poker. granted, it's not a lot, but if you have time to transfer from a checking acct, that's what i recommend. once money hits your neteller acct, any transfers to online sites are instantaneous.
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