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Daniel vs Polk Heads Up Challenge

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Why is Daniel Negreanu trying to ruin the experience for everyone, including himself ?

Also is the +ev that Daniel Negreanu thinks he gets from having Doug Polk not limp the button worth completely capitulating on his principles?

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Both of them have played faster than most players would in the same situation the entire match. Doug throws a new strategy into the mix that isn't a thing in heads up usually to help him lock up the win so he can win all his side bets because he thinks it's best for him. Daniel slows things down to give himself extra time because he wants to make sure he's playing the best strategy against the limping plus playing less hands until he's worked on a counter strategy is in his best interests.

Daniel an inexperienced at NL heads up underdog who is playing a format of poker where his opponent has every advantage is now a bad guy for slowing things down for a bit ? 

I don't think Daniel will play slowly when he's the button if Doug starts limping again but he's going to need to take time on the hands Doug limps. Timing tells are a thing and if Daniel needs to take time in some situations he's going to need to also take time in the situations where he might not need to take the time but it would give Doug too much information to act slowly sometimes and not others.

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9 hours ago, vbnautilus said:

I think he's trying to psychologically manipulate his opponent. 

and what do you know about psychology anyway ?

Good to see you vb.

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On 2/22/2021 at 11:16 PM, king_tanner said:

I know where qyayqi the tomato is, I will bring him to you for a price, won’t be cheap.

I can offer a ko8e34

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