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Daniel vs Polk Heads Up Challenge

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The much anticipated heads up challenge between Daniel and Doug Polk begins today at 5PM Vegas time where they'll be playing the first 200 hands live and it'll be free on Poker Go and other media. The rest of the challenge will take place online two tabling on WSOP.com since they can't play on GGPoker from the US.

Polk was one of the best online heads up NL Holdem players but he hasn't played much for quite a few years but he's still considered a big favourite playing his best game.

Heads Up NL can be a very streaky game so here's hoping Daniel runs good.

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When I saw Berkey say Doug is like a pro wrestler online I knew they wouldn’t be heated in person. They’re showman. I thought it was funny how people expected them to be throwing hate in person. 

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8 hours ago, FCP Bob said:

good session for Daniel, they're about even now

Maybe Daniel will be like Jackie Gleason in the Hustler and wear down the new hot shot kid who was played by Steve McQueen. Thus experience, endurance, and desire won the day over raw talent.


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