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I Have Seen The Face Of God..

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So I don't have league pass. I enjoy the NBA, but I'm not an NBA superfan or anything. Historically its been my 3rd-4th favorite sport ( behind soccer and baseball at different times), but over the past few years, as my Football love has been waning, my baseball love dying, my Basketball love has grown. But I have no team, I generally follow the most interesting teams and spectacular players and don't pay much attention to the rest of the league.


But my interest has slowly been growing, and I've been consuming more and more Basketball media. Following basketball twitter, reading basketball blogs/stories, listening to hoops podcasts. I am a bigger NBA fan now, than I have been since probably the first jordan 3-peat, which was peak NBA for me.



So over the course of the season, there's been an increasing drumbeat about Embiid. I'm reading gushing review after gushing review. Stats nerds orgasmining, Podcasts gushing, using superlatives I've never heard before about a rookie. And I've basically seen him never, as the 76ers don't make national broadcasts. And so I broke down tonight, and got the half a season league pass , because when a player is described as once in a generation, I need to understand.


Jesus Christ.


I mean.. I can't believe what I watched in this Toronto game. His offensive game is bonkers. He's so fluid and athletic. He plays like an MVP.. and his defense. There was this possession, where Lowery drove baseline, kept dribbling under the basket, and then down the lane past the key, to the 3 point line, a Nashian sort of sequence. And Embiid was on him the entire time. Center just locking down the All-star caliber point guard, and forced him to take a bad, contested 3. I sat in my chair, mouth agape. This guy is a ****ing Rookie. I don't understand how this can be. I was inclined to like him before, because he was hilarious and fun.. but he's crazy good. I don't even want to write down the hyperbole I'm thinking, because I need to watch a larger sample, but I cannot believe what I'm watching. I'm fully on the sixer bandwagon.

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