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2-In-1 Deck On Kickstarter

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Hello :)

I have just launched a new project on kickstarter and I'd like to hear your opinions. I combined 2 decks into 1 and the design is very simple. We can play every card games with new or old rules. http://www.kickstart...1-playing-cards


For example, poker. More combinations. Five of a kind, flushes with pairs etc. We could also add all kinds of other interesting hands if we wanted to (i.e does having a suited pair make it better?).



We have 4 preflop hand combinations instead of 1 if we play hold'em. It is easy to imagine if you play omaha.







The sum=16, A=14+2, K=13+3, Q=12+4, J=11+5, 10+6, 9+7, 8+8...;

A2, K3, Q4, J5, 106, 97, 88, 79, 610, 5J, 4Q, 3K, 2A;

heart-spade, spade-diamond, diamond-club, club-heart;

There are same pairs A2 and 2A but there is no same suited pair.

This deck has 52+2 cards. So you can just eliminate half of cards and can play by 26 cards if you want to play a simple game. The suit combinations allow that



Please give me your precious opinions. Thank you.

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