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New Lock Poker

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Did anyone else get an email from Lock Poker about their new site?


I got one today, and downloaded the new software. It's been about 2 years since I last online poker (for real money).


They also gave me a ticket to this Sunday's 25k GTD DS ($109). Blinds are 15min with a 10k starting stack. It looks like the ticket can be used on any $109 tournament, but I think I'll be playing in that one. In the little amount of time I did play on Lock, I never had any issues with cashing out. I fully expect to win since I haven't played in forever, and I sense a resurgence of beginner's luck.

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Do not put any money on there.


They're calling in the "New Lock Poker" when it should be called "Kicked off every available network because we are broke and forced to be on our own"


Theyll be closing their doors very soon

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I cashed that $109 funny money donkament. HOF



Now have >$500 that is worth about $5. Will eventually try to run it up at 200nl HU or something.



Hope everyone is doing well, miss this place and everyb some people!

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