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Who Are The Best Instinctual Players And The Best Mathematical Players?

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I've often wondered if there are any pros out there who play almost entirely on instinct and reading ability and rarely worry about odds. I know the basic odds like 35% to make a flush after the flop and 32% to make a straight. But after that (since I play for leisure) I rely mostly on instinct. I'm would imagine most pros play a combination of instinct and math. I've read where Ivey has said he thinks odds are overrated. Other than Ivey, I believe Doyle is probably a mostly instinctual player. Of course players like Gus Hansen and Chris Ferguson have reputations for being math players.


Can anyone think of any other players, and what would you estimate their Instinct vs Math playing percentages are?


I would estimate Daniel as maybe having a 75% instinctual 25% math playing style.

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I guess reading players and instinct are related.


I know in Phil Hellmuth's book he talked a lot about smelling weakness in an opponent. Unfortunately he didn't say why he smelled weakness, so from memory the book gave little info how he gets some of his reads. That might just be an instinctual talent you either have or don't.

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