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  1. It astounds me that Daniel can even justify working for David Baazov let alone praise Baazov.
  2. When Canseco gives someone the finger, he really does.
  3. Daniel would you be willing to play the Spin & Gos to prove to us that those are poker games that can be beaten?
  4. I'm not going to look up sources. It was common knowledge that Reid is opposed to online poker. That he sponsored those bills makes him look like an online poker advocate, but he's not. His first attempt to legalize it was very politically motivated. His bill would have essentially made Nevada the hub of online poker. What he did was create a bill where it would only be legalized in 13 states and he made it very difficult for other states to opt-in by creating a very short deadline for them to do that. What the Reid bill would have actually done would have been to make online poker forever
  5. I think that Harry Reid and his self-serving approach to legalizing online poker has actually done more harm than good to the effort of legalizing poker. It's easy to forget that Harry Reid is actually opposed to online poker. His bills have had ulterior motives. The PPA is actually pretty much run by republicans and conservative independants, so it's really hard to put the issue of legalizing online poker strictly along party lines.
  6. If the CEO for Amaya wasn't able to make Ongame succeed, it's unlikely that his ideas will succeed at PokerStars.
  7. Normally I would congratulate Daniel, but after reading his post on 2+2 slamming good online players as being essentially worthless to the online poker world, I'm more than dissappointed in DN. The hypocracy of a winning live player slamming winning online players while at the same time taking money from an online site as a representative is mind boggling. I'm sorry, but in my mind Daniel has named himself into the Poker Hall of Shame.
  8. Adelson looks like death warmed over. I'm not so sure how long he is going to remain in the ring.
  9. The site isn't the same as Betonline. They use the same software but it is an entirely different network. The Equity Network is run by the guy who used to be the CEO of Betonline though.
  10. It's a pretty dumb rule. Did they measure Daniel's arms before making the ruling? And what if Daniel is exceptionally well endowed? The rule doesn't state with what the chair must be reached.
  11. Just goes to show how hypicritical the government is. They make such a case that they are concerned about protecting consumers from the nefarious offshore sites when in fact they couldn't care less. The DOJ dragged its feet about even selecting an entity to distribute the funds, now it seems that the entity they chose doesn't have a clue. If the DOJ had allowed PokerStars to return the US funds, the money would have been returned by now. I think that a myth has developed that when online poker becomes regulated in the US, that the online sites are going to run smoother and be more upstandi
  12. There's a couple of things that really bothers me about Annie Duke using the Superuser software on a 15 minute delay. First of all that she was able to study her opponents in a way that no one has ever been able to study their opponents is flat out cheating. Especially with the relatively small player pool at the stakes she played, she received a huge unfair edge. The other thing that bothers me is that, as smart as Annie Duke is, I just can't believe that she was unaware that the God-mode could be used in real time. How could that possibly have not crossed her mind?
  13. Casey Anthony could play Annie Duke.
  14. Unfortunately, there is no way that California is going to share its players. California is intent on cordoning off its players from the rest of the country.
  15. What he did at FullTilt was certainly wrong but I don't get any joy from his current plight.
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