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$100 - 40 player Live NLHE Tourney

This is a weekly tournament held at a local casino.

8 players remain. 6 players cash.

UTG +1, Chipleader to my left.

AxKx, UTG folds.

Blinds are at 4k/8k w/ 500 Ante

I have approx. 125K. Avg. approx 100K Chip Lead Approx 210K

I open for 22K

Chip leader calls, all others fold.

Pot: 60K Effective Stack After Flop: 103K

Flop: 2x5x9x

I move all in.

Player calls and Shows Kx9x for top pair K kicker.

Board runs dry.

Finished 8th


This player and I had a hand early in the tourney where I flopped Top Pair Top Kicker, against his over pocket pair. I got lucky and made trips on the turn on that hand to stay alive. I had opened in late position with Ac9c, he had flat called from the blind with TT, I had flopped the 9 on a 9 high, slightly straightening, unsuited board and shoved to his check raise.

My question really comes in terms of the level that I should be factoring in deeper thoughts and finding what factors are most greatly relevant so I don't come to the point where I'm only over complicating my thought processes in between making the right decisions.


In the final table hand, I see a 60 k pot, I'm not accustomed to making bets less than half the pot, the feeler bet so to speak, and I try to mask my hands with some sense of consistency in my bet sizes to put the opponent to a decision with little information. I would normally lead out for 40K to 45K if my stack size allowed it, but the stacks are very shallow here, but almost not shallow to a vexing point. Maybe I'm bordering on the deeper concepts of pot control and should have a more finite system for choosing my bet sizes, but I very much let my hands dictate my play at certain stack ranges, usually from the 25 down to 12 big blind range playing a simlpe and aggressive strategy. This AK came in a weird situation, should I slow my aggression and limp preflop, or is dictating the pace of a shallow table more important? If I don't shove should I be willing to lead out and fold to aggression? I certainly didn't put the player on K9 off, nor seen him getting credit from me for a monster, but pocket pairs were certainly in his limp ranges. Is my strong shove ever going to be viewed by him as great strength (AA,KK,QQ,JJ)? Is he calling this every time with top pair, would a check raise ever earn a fold or only leave me open to losing a valuable and isolated pot? Is a 40 player tournament simply not long enough to earn a credibility to induce folds even from seemingly "thinking" players?


I guess I'm looking for insight in how to play these stack sizes late in a tourney, and how to manage the typical thoughts that go through your head and filtering for the ones that should be going through one's head at this point.


Thanks for any insight,


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Open for less PF. Gonna pretty much do the same thing as making it 22k PF. I prolly just minraise or make it like 17000. Do that so you can cbet smaller and be able to get away from it post if possible. If you're worried about anything, jamming PF is definitely an option as well


And I might check this flop. I dunno tho, haven't played poker for a while

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Agreed to open for less so c-bet/check-call is still 'affordable' and slow down on Turn if blank ... jamming here is good also since you are approaching the bubble and only premium hands will call ... certainly not K9o for 60% of his stack. With chip leader to your left you need to play more conservative (or overly aggressive to the point it will hurt him to play marginally) since they can 'afford' to speculate a bit. Your Flop shove basically confirmed, to him anyway, that you had AK and it was ok to call it off in that spot.


Table dynamic plays into this as well .. could you have limped? Or would it have drawn attention to you more so? Was there a lot of stealing going on in previous hands and did you do/show any of the stealing which would have given you a wider range in this spot?


Don't get too upset that you got someone to put their chips in with 3 outs. Nothing wrong with checking this Flop since your only opponent is one that can (and did) hurt you at the bubble. I would think more about why he didn't put you on a pocket pair than how to handle this spot ... If you are going to jam this Flop you might as well jam pre-Flop before anyone knows they hit the board.


Opponent must have just been having a good run of cards since he did everything you wanted him to do ... even after he hit the Flop. Your raising range should be very narrow here depending on what you have been showing ... 99 to AA and AK or AQ at the lowest end. He guessed that you were at the low end of your range but in the long run he will be wrong 53% of the time. If you eliminate AQ then he will be wrong 67% of the time. This is what you want if you are going to put all your chips in the middle when this situation comes up. If you had been slow playing your over-pairs after the Flop, then they will know that this jam is just 2 overs. You should hope to see this opponent again as you should be successful against him in similar situations .. hopefully it will be for a pot the same size!!

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open for less, your open here looks really strong you are going to get credit continuation betting virtually any size... you can bet extremely small on this flop and give yourself plenty of room to maneuver and have options on later streets... opening for around 16k and continuing very small on the flop is completely legitimate...

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I'm opening for 16 to 18K max and then c-betting about 1/3 pot. You still give yourself room to get away from that hand with this bet sizing. With 15bb I also like jamming here, I think I like it best tbh. It's tough to play post flop poker with 15bb so a jam is never going to be bad here. You do lose some possible value by jamming but you keep yourself from having to make tough post flop decisions with so little left behind.

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