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Doyle Tells Daniel To Go To His Old Playing Style

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Doyle's old and washed up, almost as bad as Daniel. I mean, what has Daniel done this year? has he made any money? Pot calling the kettle black imo.Poker is dumb too. almost as dumb as the word 'dumb'. I mean seriously, did we need the letter 'b' at the end of this word?DUMB

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And why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? HUH?? Who can tell me THAT??????
I like your style - but let me ask you this- why isn't there any water to swim in at a pool hall? Also, why can't Trojan make one large enough for my Johnson? Plus, if he really was "Magic" Johnson why did he turn so many tricks? Ok last one...... why is LeBron James so ugly and what are those black marks around his eyebrows and temples - U - G - L -Y LeBron ain't got no alibi?
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