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Phil Laak Attempting World Reccord

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that's pretty crazy but I don't think he should have been allowed to sleep at one point for 30 minutes. To me at least, it lessens what he did in staying up for so long while playing poker.
This is what I thought when I read he was allowed to "bank" his 5 minute hourly timebank break(s) and carry them over into bigger break(s). In the end this was for charity, and building up of the Laak product so whatever. But as far as endurance achievement, 30 minute naps, shower time, etc. really doesn't seem right.
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30 Minute Naps would make me more of a zombie.
Same. Or worse - I wouldn't wake up in time and fail the challenge entirely.If the break banking is according to the rules as they were back when the other guy set the record, then I don't really see the problem with taking advantage of the rule.
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Anyone else completely meh about this whole thing?
A guy that i know who plays at our home games played 132 hours once at a local casino here...He didnt take naps and didnt have a nutritionist bring him food..There was smoking allowed back then and I think he went through 2 cartons of cigarettes.
LOL I think this happened about a million times across the country in almost every room.
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