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How Low Do You Go?

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From the BB how much do you defend?K4o?K2s?98o?74o?please feel free to elaborate on if stats change your opinion or image or anything.
Every situation is different. How can someone honestly answer this? It depends on your oppointents/stack sizes and about 100 other variables.
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against a sb raise, i defend literally everything unless the sb is a stealing nit. woooo position. :)against a button raise if things are going to be HU, i defend connectors down to 67 against most players, one-gappers 79 or better, most sooooted cards, q9o+, and pretty much any king or ace unless i have reason to believe that kx and ax are dominated almost half the time if the button is raising.against a CO raise, again if things are HU, i defend "slightly less" than the above.against ep raises, it really depends far too much on what the villain is generally doing. if they don't raise stuff like a8 and QTs from ep, i will defend a lot of connectors because i'm unlikely to be dominated and i can play fairly optimally against a likely big-ish ace or king.my 3betting ranges are extremely player dependent. against some people, i'm very content to flat a9 and call down every street since they're going to 3barrel their entire range against me on 95% of boards. against others, i feel like i need to 3b Q10s to define where i stand postflop or because they don't handle being 3b very well.it's worth saying that if you're not going to play gutterballs aggressively on airy flops, you're probably going to have to tighten up the above ranges some.

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