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Iq And Fundamentalism

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You will often find that the most strident defenders of the "equality" delusion take this LOL worthy position, almost as if it's dogma. IQ test? Bah... Really, it's all just smoke and mirrors that means nothing and cannot measure anything of value.Anyone care to make the connection as to why this is? Why people who maintain that "Type A" is really equal to "Type B" in spite of virtually every indicator pointing to the contrary take issue with the indices themselves?Anyway, I'm off to prove that indeed, stopwatches really aren't capable of measuring the time of a 50 yard dash based on certain socioeconomic variables which don't take into account the possible differences in shoe size that may or may not ultimately contribute to foot speed...
i'm glad you're capable of thinking that i'm committed to some sort of dogmatic thinking, as i do appreciate a good imagination. fwiw, i'm a nietzschean, not a believer in equality in the sense that you mean it. i also believe that type a and type b personalities are appreciably different, but that their differences aren't of any practical value in terms of anything.i'm actually saying that because of two things: first, i took two actual, certified IQ tests on back to back days administered by the same testing center (and the same test administrator, fwiw) and scored 32 points higher on the first day. i wasn't tired, sick, or de-caffeinated either day. that's a big difference. and second, because of the same sentiment inspiring #s 4 and 5 in my previous post--not that you tend to properly contextualize most of the posts to which you respond.
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As anyone with a high IQ knows, boasting about your IQ is a sure sign of a big, insecure ego that needs to assert itself, and an equally sure sign that your IQ is only marginally higher than average. The tests ARE fallible, and the proof isn't in what's measured on paper, it's in how much wisdom with which you live your life.

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