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I have been taking playing poker online very seriously for about two months. I have played alot before that, but just donked around and didn't play too seriously. I currently have a bankroll (started this month at $500) for .10/.25 NL which I have been playing pretty constantly for two or three months now. I feel as though I can beat these games, but I have had a hard time with discipline in the past and lose money taking a shot at heads up or playing above my roll (for instance, I played a few sessions at 1/2 and even on at 2/4 and do well overall, but it only takes a few gross setup hands [kings vs aces or aces vs a set] to lose a lot of profit that I made at .10/.25).So, my March goal is to play only four tables at a time and only play .10/.25. There is to be no exception to this rule. I usually play 5 days a week, for around an hour a day, which means about 400 hands a day and sometimes on the weekend. I don't think I'll have a hard time getting in around 8000 hands for the month (I am traveling to Nicaragua for a week, so I wont be playing at all then). What do you think a realistic goal in terms of profit is for this month? I did get to play a little this weekend (around 400 hands) and have a profit of $86 already for the month.Thanks for the help and reading.

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