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You call hand 1? She could have AK of clubs there....or you're beat by AA and KK. Who knows. But you ain't folding without a read, so chalk it up either way.Hand 2. What is seat 5 limping with after two callers? He's either hit a set, two pair with Q9 or A9, or is on a semi bluff draw and is trying to get you off your top pair. I play at the Bike a lot, and I don't play that 500 game, but I'm sure some of the regulars there make that play. This hand would be read dependent. If it's a typical donkey table that I play at, at the 300 to 500 and 200 games, I'm putting the villian on a medium to strong hand. I'm not sure, but I probably call either way, because if he's on a bluff, he may decide not to fire a second bullet and you may even get a free showdown even if you don't hit your spade.
You play at the bike? Donkish games eh? From experience I noticed, at the commerce more table selection in search of the donks when the table tightens up at time. whats your intake?Now, in regards to the OP. My brother plays regularly in the 5/10NL Bike game, and hand #2 smells like 2 pair, the min. raise on the flop was very weak that these players would've easily called your flop bet, w/ any pair in hopes to hit 2 pair to stack you.Keep in mind. this is Deep Stack Poker.gl
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