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Sneaky Straight To Double Up(brag Post)

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Hand #43765864-114 at Sun12amA-007 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Started at 24/Jun/07 01:37:34 hoops886 is at seat 0 with 3110. KenFischer is at seat 1 with 750. herly is at seat 2 with 4680. 8 ET TUBE is at seat 3 with 3470. golom1 is at seat 4 with 8850. thebigguy08 is at seat 5 with 2155. ITSALLGOOD13 is at seat 6 with 4285. Jeszel is at seat 7 with 5365. tbiggg is at seat 8 with 5580. Cannonfodderr is at seat 9 with 14120. The button is at seat 0. KenFischer posts the small blind of 100. herly posts the big blind of 200. hoops886: -- -- KenFischer: -- -- herly: 6c 8c 8 ET TUBE: -- -- golom1: -- -- thebigguy08: -- -- ITSALLGOOD13: -- -- Jeszel: -- -- tbiggg: -- -- Cannonfodderr: -- --Pre-flop: 8 ET TUBE folds. golom1 folds. thebigguy08 folds. ITSALLGOOD13 folds. Jeszel calls. tbiggg folds. Cannonfodderr calls. hoops886 folds. KenFischer calls. herly checks. Flop (board: Ac 4d Ah): KenFischer checks. herly checks. Jeszel checks. Cannonfodderr checks. Turn (board: Ac 4d Ah 7c): KenFischer checks. herly checks. Jeszel bets 200. Cannonfodderr calls. KenFischer folds. herly calls. River (board: Ac 4d Ah 7c 5h): herly checks. Jeszel bets 800. Cannonfodderr folds. herly goes all-in for 4280. Jeszel calls. Tournament all-in showdown -- players show: herly shows 6c 8c. Jeszel shows Ad Th. Showdown: herly has 6c 8c 4d 7c 5h: straight, eight high. Jeszel has Ad Th Ac Ah 7c: three aces. Hand #43765864-114 Summary: No rake is taken for this hand. herly wins 9960 with straight, eight high.----------------------------------------------------------------I was happy with the results

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