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  1. I think the watchmaker analogy applies here...you can take apart a watch and see how it's made, and if you were really smart and talented make one yourself, but that doesn't refute the watchmaker. I'm basically saying that proving scientifically how things came about doesn't refute religion - why, exactly, would God make an earth where things just appeared randomly with no explanation?
  2. Okay guys, only FOUR MORE WEEKS until I close entry. So far the winner is me. good luck
  3. This one is titled,"Negunru is blown away by Gus Hansen's enormus bet!"
  4. Thanks Marion....when I uploaded the pic to Webshots the first time , it converted it to .jpg. But I went back and saved it again anyway on my puter as a .jpg, as per your advice and then uploaded it again to webshots. Then edited my post with url for the new one.But it's still happening. It's weird cuz sometimes I check and it's here, and then I check again and it's gone. I think the prob is with the FCP site and not the pic. This is just so frustrating cuz I've spent so much time fooling around with this and it still doesn't work right. lol. Any other suggestions? Anyone? http://ima
  5. Well what I would really like to know (and this is serious) is what happened with that guy who was PhilHellmuth on UB WHILE the real Phil Hellmuth was speaking at a store or something! Ask him what the deal was with that!Get in his face and ask him WHAT KIND OF A JOPKE IS THIS :oops: :oops: Phil Hellmuth
  6. here's a new one called"Daniel Negguranu loses $6 mil in a 2/4 game"
  7. Maybe Daniel and T.J. can get a 3 second cameoHere's them in the screenplay:Bond: "Hey Daniel"Bond: "Hey T.J."Daniel "Hey"
  8. Alright good work everyone (MaxStrick is disqualified until we get confirmation from Daniel that that is atatomically correct)Here's another one...it's called "Daniel Neggairunu at the 2005 WSOP Main Event"
  9. 7 minutes best 7 minutes i ever spentdaniel if you are reading i will autograph this
  10. that's his frown he's not too pleased with that flop
  11. This is a contest to see who can portray the most REALISTIC portryal of Daniel Neggarnu, using ONLY MSPaint. Here's my entry, titled "Daniel Looks at another bad flop"gl everyoneedit: fixed spelling of daniel's name because the technology is simply there to do so. thanks, admin
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