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  1. RAY'S MOMMA JOKE OF THE DAY!Your mom caught a virus on MSN!
  2. RAY'S MOMMA JOKE OF THE DAYYour mom sighs. . . cause she's a Bruins fan and she got f'd last night.
  3. Where was the list of people who played? Not the donks like us but the actual quasi-celebs? I was focussed on my game and wouldn't have recognized the difference between Eddie Shack and that "bang bang bang on the door baby" guy from the B-52's "Love Shack". . . . . I just wanted to take it down. Is there a place where this lsit is posted?
  4. Having been to MANY a Blackhawk game in my life, I just imagine that this series is going to look like you (as Detroit) bending the Biatch over the table (as Chicago). . . . .just without the clothes or the benefit of KY or a Kiss. I love the Hawks, and they are an up and coming team, but. . . . . man. . . I think they get spanked here, and fairly badly.
  5. Anyone else enjoy how quickly Mike Milbury got out of his Garden Superbox last night?
  6. I think the X-factor in this series, is going to be twofold. The depth of Carolina is going to need to show up, as Pitt does have some SERIOUS shutdown D men (Orpik). Then, the matchup between offensive defensemen is going to show an advantage Carolina's way. This only applies if we don't hear Gonchar's music come up the tunnel sometime in the series. He can definately change things. But the offensive depth at D by Carolina is more substantial than Eaton, Scuderi and an obviously <100% Phillipe Boucher. I DO believe the Pens will win this series because of their SIGNIFICANTLY super
  7. RAY'S MOMMA JOKE OF THE DAYYour mom is ALWAYS open for business. . . . in her vagina!
  8. RAY'S MOMMA JOKE OF THE DAY!Your mom fights 12 year olds . . . . . with her teets.
  9. MIKE'S JOKE OF THE DAY ABOUT RAY'S MOM --------I put my nuts on your MOM'S strawberry sundae! Nootch!
  10. OK, am I the only one who threw up a little in my mouth with this visual in their head? Its not an attack on you Dan, just the image itself. . . . *SHUDDER* BTW - The girl from the lobby. . . REAL . . . put both the asian bar girl and Katie to shame. This girl was WAY WAY WAY too hot for you though Dan DEFINATELY fighting out of your weight class, sir! I don't know how you spent so much time with her. Maybe because she was stupid and thought you were local after you told her you were from Ottawa!!! ****** Also, You are a pussy who can't hang with real drinkers! (SOMEONE neede
  11. I wonder what the parlay would be pre-season on an all RED conference final? I mean that would be some INSANE odds! I am gonna pick it now, and I wanna hear Ray's disco odds on this one. A team with red as their color WILL win the cup . . . . . discuss
  12. What flavors you rockin today? Need something good to think about for a crappy day away from the puter and into the swine flu masses!!!
  13. can I take neutral zone for 10 CDN?
  14. That and the discussions of the jigsaw ovechkin and balls in each other mouths. . . kinda confirms it. . . . . Ray should check the dimensions of that closet he is e-habiting. But then again, he did talk a lot about f'ing my mother. . . . . . so. . . . . . . he might be straight. . . . bi. . . . or just into old women who like Patron'
  15. Why in the heck does it look like I was grabbing Ray's nips? SERIOUSLY! It was Steve! IT WAS STEVE!!!! Ray was grabbing MINE, and it was awkwardly interesting and tender But still REALLY gay!
  16. I felt like standing up after reading that and saying "dude, I wasn't that drunk!?!?" I won both ways, so whatever You faced me stone sober and moderately drunk. . . . I think eventually I woulda donked it all off drunk, but you guys ended the game too early! I am SO feeling Layne Flack that evening. Dangerous when intoxicated!
  17. AND it was Rock steady John who called me down on that. I called the 5 out of the deck and he was crushed. He had seen me pull some amazing moves. I ran ONE bluff that got killed. That is when I didn't know what kinda player Zach was. Aparently, he is pretty good. Something like the 11th best Limit Poker player in the WORLD, or something! Yeah, I ran really well, caught some SERIOUS cards. BTW Arp, I had your 7 of diamonds, so it wasn't open ended straight flush, just one way because I had the other way blocked My outs were limited to runner runner full house, straight flush, hi
  18. THAT might have made me have to purchase a new piece of luggage $60 for ALL that! All I got was a goalie stick for that much! Sweet pickups though sir!
  19. Steve (LOUD)(Next to his wife turning crimson!) - "I had sex today! Twice!"Adam (quieter) - "Me too, Toronto rocks!"Mike (barely a whisper, but heard by Mrs. Adam) - "Me too, but I was the only one involved."
  20. hehe Ray, seriously, the most awkward moment, besides me and the biatch meeting, was standing there in the bar, seeing the look in your eyes when Steve drunkenly stated his disdain for Raymond Bourque. You looked like something exploded in your brain and you were going to go through Mrs. Steve to kill Steve. I took the "anti-man" shot of saying that I cried when he lifted the cup, and the focus of the gayness went on me and diffused the situation! Ray then admitting that his favorite moment in sports was Bourque's 7-77 change. . . . trumped my gayness. That and Ray offering to buy b
  21. Ray = my new biatch Did you tell them how your pwnage of trivia only occurred once I drunkenly took the reigns and showed Steve's wife who's the boss? How about how the only bluffs I ran on that table, and the biggest hands I got paid off on were through you? I am sure that your response woulda been something akin to a violent non-sequitur about killing someone in the head :icon_hand:Everyone was so friggin cool! And I will REALLY consider hiring steve as my paralegal if my firm takes off and I have enough money to hire a paralegal who is 5 years older than me Mrs. Steve is great
  22. Only after you made some crack/pun about Mussels that made us ALL roll our eyes
  23. So, I sent my wife an e-mail Saturday morning around 4 AM to chronicle this amazing event. If you don't want to know, or care, just skip past it. But there is some glimmers of humor here. (Dear Mrs. TulaneFlyr) I guess its not real unless I tell you about it, so I am going to chronicle this evening here. I think you should know that the story is fun, relatively inexpensive, and honestly VERY cool. The fantasy hockey guys and I met each other at the bar and talked about everything. Dan was one of the first people there, and he is honestly a very quiet and silly guy. He, I guess, di
  24. Add my $125 to that, which would have been more had we not been cut off from getting another round of shots! That is why Katie went down in my book. That and the nose ring.
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